'Walking Dead' 'Better Angels' Preview Clips; Episode Features Major Spoiler

Walking Dead Better Angels

After a relatively slow-paced first half, The Walking Dead season 2 has seen a lot of action the past few weeks - as Rick Grimes and the other survivors face down new "living" threats (not to mention address growing internal dissent).

However, anyone who thought that the last two episodes of season two would be a return to slow-burn form for the series had better think again - as the next installment of The Walking Dead season two, episode twelve (titled "Better Angels") is set for another memorable series of moments.

WARNING: The rest of this article will contain SPOILERS for previously aired episodes of The Walking Dead - as well as address (but not outright reveal) another upcoming season two spoiler. Therefore, if you are either a) not caught up on the show or b) are attempting to avoid any season two information that might contain future spoilers - better turn away now.

Begin Walking Dead season 2 SPOILERS




For several weeks, we've been hinting at a major confirmed character death that would shake the ranks of The Walking Dead survivor crew. While some viewers might think that last week's episode had finally fulfilled the promise, we can now confirm that this week's episode (at the time of this writing), "Better Angels" will feature that long-rumored character death.

Last week's show, "Judge, Jury, Executioner" offered its own surprise, in the (largely) unexpected death of Jeffrey DeMunn's character Dale. However, don't expect the same slower-paced character piece in "Better Angels" as the episode features a lot of heated internal conflict - plus plenty of external threats.

If printed words aren't enough to whet your appetite for human flesh, check out a preview of The Walking Dead "Better Angels" below as well as a teaser trailer for the final two episodes:


While the preview clip certainly doesn't give anything away, it should be obvious that tensions between Rick and Shane continue to escalate. As a result, the question is - for anyone who hasn't elected to be spoiled yet - who would you like to see bite the dust on this week's episode? Rick? Shane? Or would you rather someone else get caught in the crossfire?

If you can't wait to find out what is going to happen - check out our season 2 death spoiler post for the full details.

The Walking Dead season 2 episode "Better Angels" airs this Sunday, March 11 on AMC.


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