Walking Dead Backs Up Major FTWD Beta Identity Theory

The Walking Dead appears to be hinting at Beta's real identity being a singer, which would confirm a theory that developed during the latest season of Fear the Walking Dead. Of course, while characters from the main series have crossed over into the spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead still takes place several years before the events of The Walking Dead. But in the recent season, one episode saw Daniel Salazar come across an impressive record collection - and what transpired next could have set up a major twist.

In Fear the Walking Dead season 5, episode 14, "Today and Tomorrow", a group of walkers closed in on Daniel and Grace, and in order to survive, Daniel had to leave his newfound record collection behind. Right when they dropped everything and fled, viewers got a quick glimpse at the records that were lying on the ground. One of the covers seemed to have a photo of actor Ryan Hurst, who portrays Beta on The Walking Dead. It spawned a theory that Beta is a singer in The Walking Dead TV series - and now, it seems that theory might be correct.

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In The Walking Dead season 10, episode 2, "We Are The End Of The World", viewers see how Alpha and Beta first met - and their meeting, along with the brief disappearance of Lydia, highlights how the Whisperers were created. But what's more interesting, is the episode backs up the Fear the Walking Dead theory. Throughout the episode, the only time Beta truly snaps at Alpha is when she starts humming. He tells her, "Don't do it again." And then, "I like it - the sound of the dead. It's the only song I never want to end."

Later on, when Alpha removes Beta's mask, it's visible on her face that she recognizes him (though audiences don't get to see his face yet). Taking all the evidence into account, especially since the one thing that sets him off is Alpha's singing (not the fact she rummages through his things or defies him in leaving the hallway), seems to suggest that the Fear the Walking Dead theory is right. But it still hasn't been confirmed, and it might not be confirmed for quite some time.

Just like in The Walking Dead comics, Beta almost never removes his mask in the TV series. While it's implied that he's unconditionally devoted to Alpha and the Whisperers, the truth is that he was once someone famous - before the zombie apocalypse - and people would easily recognize him if he removed his mask. In the comics, it was revealed that he was a star basketball player. So while it makes sense that he was also someone famous in the TV series, perhaps the writers and producers have chosen to make him a former singer instead of an athlete.

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