20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Totally Ruin The Walking Dead

However, for some reason, they only fall back on this method of survival during only the most dire of circumstances. Another question is: why does the group randomly decide to abandon people when they pride themselves on never leaving a man behind? This convenient plot device is surprisingly convenient.  

Fans are quite adept at letting go of reality for an hour and diving into the western horror of TWD. However, these photos are about to change everything.

With that said, here are the 20 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Totally Ruin The Walking Dead.

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20 Rick And Negan Are Actually Good Friends

He’s billed as one of the worst villains that The Walking Dead has ever seen. He has brutally murdered several of Rick’s colleagues and a few of his best friends. He also has an incredibly creepy attitude towards women and a possibly inappropriate relationship with his baseball bat. Who even wears red neckerchiefs anyway?

He may play a sociopath on TV, but in reality, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a total sweetheart and has become instant friends with the rest of the zombie drama cast.

He’s zipped around America on a motorcycle with Norman Reedus and he pals around with Andrew Lincoln on the set when the cameras aren’t rolling. Yep, that’s right. Reedus and Lincoln better watch out, Morgan is coming to bust up their infamous bromance.

19 Witness The Mighty Shiva (AKA A Guy In A Blue Onesie)

This is everyone’s favorite season 7 moment. Rick and Negan stare each other down intensely, both ready and willing to kill at any moment. Negan takes aim, but not at the Sheriff. He’s about to murder young Carl Grimes. 

However, before he gets the chance, a fierce predator flashes across the scene. It’s Shiva, King Ezekiel’s regal tiger. Negan is stunned, all heck breaks loose, and television history is made.

The reality behind the scene is adorably hilarious. Naturally, the Walking Dead crew doesn’t have an actual tiger that roams around the set. To recreate the fearsome pounce, a stunt person took a daring leap off of a trampoline. That could be pretty epic itself, except for one funny little detail-- the man performing the stunt was outfitted head-to-toe in a bright blue bodysuit. Classic.

18 Glenn And Abraham’s Deaths Weren’t Very Shocking

The death of Glenn Rhee in the premiere of season 7 incensed many fans of The Walking Dead. Some were angry about the back-and-forth manipulation of their emotions with Glenn’s repeated death fake-outs.

Others complained about the brutal goriness of the scene and were heartbroken over pregnant Maggie’s obvious trauma. Other fans still simply couldn’t believe that their all-time favorite character was gone forever.

Behind the scenes, the cast can clearly be seen limply sitting around the bloody fake bodies of Glenn and Abraham. It’s almost as brutal and sad as the final product... except for the ever-present Greg Nicotero giving Negan orders and overseeing the mood-- Nicotero is simply everywhere-- and the camera crew zooming in on the emotional scene.

17 The Zombie Girl Is Just A Sweet Kid

It’s one of the most iconic scenes in the entire series. A newly awakened Rick Grimes wanders the dirty, deserted streets of Atlanta and finds… a little girl. His sheriff instincts kick in, he’s found someone he can protect and serve... but no, she is dead. The girl attacks, rushing at him, ready to eat him dead. In that moment, Sheriff Rick Grimes makes his first kill of the series.

The Walking Dead’s teddy bear girl zombie looked menacing in spite of her stuffed pal what with her tattered, snarling face and all. However, in reality, she was just a sweet little kid. Rick actor Andrew Lincoln was such a good sport that he treated the young lady like a little adult, shaking her hand like a true professional.

16 The Gross Woodchuck Scene Was Just A Couple Of Buckets

One of the first scenes to truly showcase Daryl’s potential to grow into Rick’s irreplaceable right-hand man (and his future obsession with saving Sophia) came in season 2 when he came up with the ingenious (and gross) plan to ensure that Carol’s missing daughter Sophia hadn’t been eaten by a zombie. He took out his massive knife, opened that walker right up, and checked for himself.

It was one of our first true glimpses of the nasty new world that our survivors were living in (after Rick and Glenn’s gut-covered walk), but the reality was a lot less disgusting. Andrew Lincoln and Daryl actor Norman Reedus were simply grabbing a bunch of goop out of a couple of buckets. Naturally, no woodchucks were harmed during the making of the scene.

15 Everyone Looks Totally Bored Despite The Zombie Lurking Around

When the Walking Dead survivors first encountered the brutal hordes of man-eating zombies. they all tended to react strongly. There was screaming, crying, and lots and lots of bloodshed.

Over the years, however, this band of hardened survivors has become desensitized to the horrors of the zombie apocalypse. A walker wanders up and they quickly and efficiently dispatch the undead without batting so much as an eye.

The cast has an incredibly similar reaction to the fake-blood-covered extras wandering around their Georgia set. When a bloody, gut-covered zombie extra passes by, the cast simply… yawns and goes about their boring business. These guys see hordes of gory undead day and day out. This is just another run-of-the-mill Tuesday for this battle-weary crew.

14 Alanna Masterson Is No Dummy (Except When She Is)

The Walking Dead characters are forced to deal with some incredibly dangerous situations. There are all sorts of risky jumps, deadly fights, and rocket launchers aplenty. Of course, some of the cast are more than willing to perform their own stunts. Andrew Lincoln frequently runs across the Georgia countryside and Alanna Masterson took a dive off a bridge after just giving birth to her daughter.

However, some stunts are simply too dangerous for the actors to perform themselves, and others still are even too risky for trained professional stuntmen to attempt.

For some particularly dangerous scenes, reinforcements have to be brought in, like Alanna Masterson’s look-alike dummy. Masterson was clearly in love with her stuffed replica, carrying around her dummy and offering the sweetest of kisses to her inanimate twin.

13 That Thing In The Woods Is Just Greg Nicotero

>>> NOT TO BE USED UNTIL 10/24/16 at 1:00 AM EST <<< BTS, Executive Producer Greg Nicotero - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

There are lots of things that go bump in the night in the zombie apocalypse. There are walkers lurking around every corner, survivors with questionable morals hiding in the shadows, and who knows what can be found in the deep and moody fog-- actually, we do know, and it’s really not very scary.

Director and master of makeup effects Greg Nicotero loves to get hands-on when shooting episodes. While preparing to film Rick and Negan’s road trip, which sees the slugger exert his control over Rick with a little fetch quest, Nicotero gave direct instructions to a walker on how to execute the perfect lurk, creating a gorgeous photo reminiscent of classic horror films. Nicotero definitely has the zombie posture down.

12 It’s Only Appropriate That The Fake Blood Comes Out Of A Heart

Naturally, a horror show filled with frequent death and the hungry undead is bound to have loads of blood and gore. The Walking Dead is often criticized for their gory scenes.

Fans were not happy with the level of gore present during Glenn’s untimely death and many found Sam’s violent end difficult to watch. However, the reality behind all those buckets of blood (in this case literally) is actually kind of sweet.

As it turns out, the show’s occasionally controversial bloody effects come straight from the heart-- a little pink, heart-shaped bucket that is. When Glenn actor Steven Yeun had to have his wounds brushed up between takes, the fresh blood was applied by hand straight out of the cheery plastic bucket.

11 At Least Beth’s Hospital Stay Had Wi-Fi

The Walking Dead took a little detour back to Atlanta in season 5 when Beth Greene was kidnapped by the terrible, terrible cops residing in the Grady Memorial Hospital. Miss Greene’s visit was rather harrowing.

She was faced with harassment, a broken arm that was almost certainly intentionally caused by her captors, and a potential life of indentured servitude. However, as you’ve probably guessed, the reality behind Beth’s hospital stay was a lot less gruesome.

While enjoying some downtime between filming scenes, Beth actress Emily Kinney got to lounge around in her hospital bed soaking up the world wide web with the help of a little wifi.

10 Did This Walker Steal Tara’s Shades?

The Walking Dead has seen all kinds of interesting walkers that all have unique fashion senses. There have been soldiers in tattered uniforms. Police officers in tattered uniforms, and everyday people in tattered everyday clothes-- mostly there’s just been lots of tatters. However, the fun times really begin when the cameras stop rolling.

It’s hot in Georgia and the cast and crew spend hours under the blazing sun, so, in order to keep the rays at bay, sometimes you need some funky shades.

In this photo, a walker can be seen standing around in the prison yard sporting a-- you guessed it-- tattered prison jumpsuit and a pair of bright green plastic shades. He may be dead, but eye health is still important.

9 There’s Plenty Of Laughs And Good Times During The Apocalypse

The Walking Dead isn’t just a horror show, it’s a human drama filled with emotional turmoil and moral quandaries. The characters spend their time crying, screaming, and giving lively speeches to rally the troops for post-apocalyptic war. So, when the cast catches a break from all the emotional highs and lows of the zombie outbreak, they make sure to cut loose.

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are famous best friends for life. Their friendship has blossomed and grown throughout their eight years sharing a screen together. This brotherly love naturally extends itself to the rest of the cast, especially Rick’s onscreen father figure.

Hershel actor Scott Wilson would often hang out with the boys, making goofy faces and lightening up the heavy mood.

8 The Governor Makes A Coffee Run

The Governor’s season 4 return to The Walking Dead was shocking, unexpected, and terribly timed. The group was already dealing with a dangerous illness sweeping the prison and a potential food crisis when Phillip waltzed back into town.

The Governor sneakily made off with Hershel and Michonne to surprise Rick with the beheading of his sort of dad. It was an emotional moment that tore at the hearts of fans everywhere. However, behind-the-scenes, things had a much calmer vibe.

The Governor actor David Morrissey turned up to the brutal prison massacre after making an important pit stop at the local coffee shop for a cup of joe. That’s the number one rule of the zombie apocalypse: never go into battle without properly caffeinating yourself.

7 Hershel’s Chopped Off Leg Is NBD

When Hershel joins Rick and the gang on a sweep of the prison and loses his leg in season 3, the group and audience were simultaneously shocked. Would the kindly farmer die before bringing Lori’s baby into the world? Would he become a zombie and potentially hurt one of his own daughters? Actually, no. With the aid of some crutches and Rick’s quick thinking, the veterinarian would be totally fine.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, things were equally as fine behind-the-scenes. In this fun photo, Glenn and Beth can be seen staring down Hershel and his gruesome, recently chopped off leg. Hershel himself has an awkward grin on his face. Just like the zombies, dismembered body parts are just another day at the office on this set.

6 Just A Sheriff And His Horse

One of season 1’s most brutal scenes saw the violent death of Sheriff Rick Grimes’s commandeered horse. After failing to find gasoline to fuel his search for his family, Rick finds a horse penned up alone in a house full of dead people and decides to team up with the big guy.

The gallant sheriff confidently gallops into the streets of downtown Atlanta only to come face to face with a massive horde of hungry zombies. The horse spooks and the walkers take advantage of an easy meal.

Obviously, The Walking Dead crew didn’t actually harm any horses in the making of this episode, as can be clearly seen in this sweet photo of an exhausted Andrew Lincoln and his horse pal hanging and taking a break between scenes.

5 Shiva Is Much Less Intimidating

Shiva is an intimidating presence wherever she goes. Wandering the grounds of King Ezekiel’s Kingdom or pouncing on baddies during an all out war on the streets of Alexandria, Shiva is a deadly tiger waiting to strike. This fierce feline can’t be overestimated. However, real tigers are dangerous and special effects are super expensive. So, sometimes the crew needs to get a little inventive.

The real-life Shiva (when she’s not a guy in a blue one-piece suit) is just a stuffed tiger head that’s… well, let’s just say that she’s not up to scale. Carl actor Chandler Riggs towers over Shiva’s stuffed head and doesn’t show even the slightest anxiety about being so close to the tiger’s fearsome fangs.

4 Zombies Are Notoriously Good At Following Directions

Hordes of flesh-eating zombies are harder to choreograph than you might think. You can’t just have a bunch of bloody extras milling about in the background aimlessly.

It’s an incredibly thought-out series of movements learned over the course of Greg Nicotero’s zombie school. Nicotero teaches his walkers the art of the bloody shamble and the hands-on director continues his carefully crafted street block while on the set.

Nicotero surrounds himself with a group of his undead minions, giving them specific instructions on how to stalk, growl, and devour in style. That’s why The Walking Dead’s zombies are always in the right place at the right time-- because they have the best guidance (in)humanly possible.

3 A Tent Hanging Out Behind One Of Rick And Daryl’s Most Emotional Moments

Things got pretty dark for Sheriff Rick Grimes in season 4. He ostracized Carol from the group, he thought his baby had died for a while, and he murdered the heck out of a bunch of cannibals to the protest of a few of the more squeamish in the group.

However, Rick’s all-time darkest season 4 moment had to be that infamous throat bite. When the Claimers attack Carl, Rick becomes so desperate to protect his son that he rips open the lead Claimer’s throat with his teeth. It’s brutal and changes Rick forever. The sheriff opens up to Daryl about the violent moment, relying on his friend to see him through this difficult time, coming to the realization that the two share a brotherly bond.

However, just down the road was a shady, white tent full of cast and crew hanging out in the background.

2 Scooters Are Not The Ideal Method Of Transportation In The Zombie Apocalypse

Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Trucks, tanks, and time-traveling Hyundais-- The Walking Dead has been chock-full of all kinds of nifty forms of transportation over the years. Our heroes have traveled all over the Southern United States in everything from firetrucks to school buses. In the zombie apocalypse, you don’t get to be too picky about your mode of transportation-- if it moves, it works.

Except Eugene Porter actor Josh McDermitt’s geeky scooter. There is just no way that this thing is working anywhere, let alone in the middle of a massive walker horde. The zombies would be outrunning Eugene for sure.

However, if we’re being perfectly honest, the dorky scooter fits Eugene’s personality just as perfectly as Daryl’s chopper fits him. We can dig it even if it is totally impractical.

1 No Love Lost In This Love Triangle

Rick and Shane both love Lori, but not in different ways. They both want her and that’s the problem. The love triangle, which played out over the course of seasons 1 and 2, came very close to getting a bunch of people killed.

Shane tried to kill Rick. He also actually killed both Randall and Otis. Lori nearly killed herself and her baby by hitting a single walker in an otherwise empty road. In addition, Rick stabbed Shane in the heart, both figuratively and literally. It was messy, bloody, soap opera drama -- but, of course, everyone was good friends in real life.

Behind the scenes, Andrew Lincoln and Shane’s Jon Bernthal have shown nothing but total respect and admiration for Lori’s Sarah Wayne Callies, providing TWD fans with sweet photo ops like this one.


What did you expect the behind-the-scenes set of The Walking Dead to look like? Are you jealous of all the fun that they're having? Let us know in the comments!

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