Walking Dead Gets A Pokemon Go-Style AR Game

The Walking Dead - Rick fights armored zombie Winslow

The Pokemon GO craze that's swept the nation is jumping over to a different platform with the brand new The Walking Dead AR game, titled The Walking Dead: Our World. Fans of the popular zombie series can join Rick Grimes and his crew, pick up weapons and battle the horde while on the go at home, work, or out walking. Mechanics and gameplay are still a pretty big mystery (this is the one case where you wouldn't want to catch them all) but with The Walking Dead hitting everything from outdoor attractions to merchandise, some would argue that a phone game is long overdue.

The game seems to put you in the thick of the action joining with Rick and others in real world locations to take on hordes of zombies. While this game isn't probably going to garner the family market like Pokemon GO did for kids, it might be a fun way to pass the time while waiting in line at the grocery store as you see in the trailer, or walking back at the end of your shift to clock out. Horror fans who may feel some zombie-like feelings about their retail or customer service jobs might get a visceral kick about taking out zombies to blow off steam from a long day.

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The trailer doesn't share much beyond types of weapons you can get ahold of, with a Katana, machine gun, grenade, and a handgun on display. It also doesn't make it clear if you can team up with other people who have downloaded the game near you like you can in Pokemon GO, although the trailer seems to hint that might be coming. It also seems to hint that weapons might be what draws players to certain locations, although it remains to be seen if you can only grab one of the weapons or if multiple weapons will be available.

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes Fighting Zombie in The Walking Dead

Overall the concept looks pretty cool, and the ending pokes fun at people who might lose track of time when hunting for Pokemon or other prizes in these AR games. There's something to be said about people being too distracted, however, especially with a game that might get a little unsettling if you're playing at night - but all Walking Dead fans are pretty responsible.

The overall end result of The Walking Dead: Our World sounds like a cool premise that could provide people with another potential hit for the AR market, and a game for adults. Time will tell if it measures up to the success of the series or how people might respond to it. After all, The Walking Dead is fun to watch, not particularly fun to live.

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The Walking Dead: Our World is coming soon to app platforms everywhere.

Source: Next Games

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