Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln Teases That Rick Grimes Might Not Survive

Andrew Lincoln has teased that his character Rick Grimes might not survive the next season of The Walking Dead. Lincoln previously confirmed reports of his impending exit at San Diego Comic-Con, while announcing that season 9 would be the last for Rick Grimes.

The Walking Dead has broken records a number of times when it comes to ratings. It was clear early on that the zombie drama was going to be a hit. The show began in 2010, adapting Robert Kirkman's comic book series of the same name. The Walking Dead has been on the air for eight seasons now, and has even gotten a companion series called Fear the Walking Dead. Rick Grimes has been the main character of the original show since the very first episode, when he woke up from a coma in a world filled with the undead. Over the course of its run, Grimes has become a more complex character, with his morals often changing due to the hardships he has faced from not only the Walkers, but from other living people that have been a threat to him and his group. Rick has watched many of his friends die over the past eight seasons, but heading into season 9, Rick himself might be the one that people mourn.

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When being interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, Lincoln teased that fans might see a bloody end to his character. When asked what fans can expect for Rick's ending on the show, Lincoln explained that he asked Greg Nicotero, "How many pints of blood does a human actually hold, because I'm not sure I'm going to make it through the credits sequence" indicating that his exit could actually cause the character to die on the show.

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Previously, Lincoln hinted that Rick might not die in season 9, but rather be written off in a way similar to Lennie James' character Morgan Jones. There was also the Tweet from The Walking Dead's Twitter which seemed to support this claim that read, "Don't believe everything you hear". As for the actor himself, Lincoln has expressed the desire to move back to the UK to spend more time with his family. Others, such as Tom Payne (Hilltop's Jesus), have suggested that Lincoln left because of Carl Grimes' death. No matter what the actual reasoning is, season 9 will be his last season acting for The Walking Dead, but Lincoln might return to direct an episode in season 10.

For right now, fans can only speculate what will happen with Rick in season 9. A lot is expected to occur in season 9, with a time jump being implemented, as well as the continued story of Negan and the introduction of the Whisperers. At this point, Rick has witnessed the death of his best friend, wife, and son. With this newest hint from the actor, Rick could potentially have a bloody end, rather than living out the rest of his days happily with his daughter Judith and girlfriend Michonne.

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The Walking Dead season 9 premieres October 7 on AMC.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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