The Walking Dead Will 'Figure Out' Andrea's Comics Death

Andrea's death in the comics will be used on someone else on The Walking Dead. When it comes to The Walking Dead the writers have to walk a fine line between just telling the story from the comics and creating something original. Stick too close to the source material and the series becomes predictable. Deviate too much and it stops being The Walking Dead. Plus there are many excellent stories and characters in the comics that deserve to be seen on the series.

Over the years the show's writers have come up with numerous ways to balance the comic books with their own original ideas. Some characters have been gender swapped - such as Deanna, who was Douglas in the comics. Some original characters have been written in, including fan favorite Daryl. Some characters - like Carol - survive much longer than they did in the books. Some characters die around the same time in the story in both mediums, but their death is changed - like Lori's. And sometimes a character dies much sooner on the series than they do in the books. Like Andrea.

When talking to Comic Book, showrunner Scott Gimple said that even though Andrea has been dead for several seasons on the TV show, he does plan on using her comic book death on the series. He's just going to use it on someone else.

Andrea in The Walking Dead

That's another common trick used by the writers on The Walking Dead. They keep the manner in which a character dies in the comics, but give it to an entirely different character. Some notable examples include Bob, who died the way Dale does in the books. And also Denise, who was shot by an arrow that in the original story took out Abraham. This technique allows the show to keep some of the more visual and interesting death scenes while still surprising audiences.

In the comics, Andrea saw Eugene surrounded by walkers and hurried to save him. They succeeded in getting away, but she took a bite on the neck. Before she could turn, Andrea went home to say goodbye to her loved ones. Including Rick, who she was in a relationship with. She died in bed, turned into a walker, and Rick was forced to stab her in the head so she could rest in peace.

On the show, Michonne is the character who it would make the most sense to take that death. She is in a relationship with Rick now, so their goodbye and his reactions to seeing the woman he loves turned into a walker could remain intact. Of course, that might also be a bit predictable, so Gimple may want to plan on using someone who no one would suspect. Even if that also means changing who is at her side when she dies.

Another thing to keep in mind about Andrea's death is that she was protecting Eugene. On the show, Eugene has joined the Saviors, something he did not do in the comics. So in order to use Andrea's death on the show, either Eugene would have to return to Alexandria and be welcomed back - something he may not be able to do after such a betrayal. Or his role in the storyline will also have to be taken by someone else. Whoever Gimple chooses to use - to fill in for Andrea and possibly also Rick and Eugene - he has plenty of time to think about it. The events in the comics are far ahead of the show and if they stick to the same timeline, audiences have years before they face this sad death scene. Whoever it happens to.

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The Walking Dead will return to AMC with 'Mercy' on October 22.

Source: Comic Book

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