Walking Dead Exec Teases "Big" Announcement Coming Soon

The Walking Dead universe Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple hints at a big announcement coming soon with regard to the popular franchise.

Fans of The Walking Dead universe should keep their eyes peeled for an upcoming announcement, Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple teases.

The Walking Dead is on the brink of a major change with lead star Andrew Lincoln's (Rick Grimes) imminent departure. It's still unknown how his exit will affect the narrative of the series, but many are assuming that Norman Reedus (Daryl) will step up to the plate and become the newest face of the show (although the actor himself doesn't think so). Similar to what happened in the comics, the upcoming season will pick up after a significant time jump and will reunite the audience with survivors from different communities who are currently trying to co-exist peacefully with each other.

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Appearing during last Sunday's Talking Dead (via Comicbook) alongside Fear The Walking Dead showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, Gimple hinted about an upcoming "big" announcement. He said:

“I work on both shows. I help these gentlemen, I help [The Walking Dead showrunner] Angela Kang. We work on the stories together, I consult on the episodes as they go through, and producing.

“And then beyond that, working on the future of The Walking Dead. And per that, we’re gonna have something to discuss. We’re gonna have a family meeting, all of the Walking Dead fans — people who haven’t watched the show, people who are going to watch the show — we’re gonna talk about something really big soon.”

The Walking Dead crossover

With so much going on with regard to The Walking Dead considering the impending departure of Lincoln, it's curious if the supposed announcement is in relation to a specific pocket of the budding universe or it's for the franchise as a whole. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) did say that after Rick's out, the show is expected to go through a soft reboot, although people behind the series can do that without making such a huge fuss about it given that it'll highlight the fact that it just lost its main protagonist. Perhaps the big surprise is tipped to affect both The Walking Dead and its spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead, which recently wrapped up its fourth season.

There's no concrete indication yet, but after pulling off the first crossover between the two shows earlier this year, it's possible that people behind both series are already cooking another special event involving characters from the main series and its offshoot. However, since Fear The Walking Dead just finished its fourth season as previously mentioned, it might be a bit too early to talk about another planned crossover between the programs. Another possibility is the launch of a brand new spinoff or a side project that is still in conjunction with the universe, after all, AMC has been very open about wanting to continue building and expanding the universe in several other ways.

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The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 7 on AMC.

Source: Talking Dead (via Comicbook)

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