The Walking Dead Season 8: Simon, Nacon & Jadis To Be Series Regulars

Steven Ogg The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is heading to war and it looks like we have three more series regulars thrown into the mix. As we wrapped the heart-pounding Season 7 of The Walking Dead, all eyes are on where AMC's show will go next. As Season 8 enters the second half of the "All Out War" storyline and Rick's group are set to butt heads with Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan, we are sure to face a few more losses and a lot of bloodshed on the way.

Season 7 ended with an action-packed finale which saw Negan's Saviors come knocking on Rick's door and the killer twist that the Safe Zone residents were betrayed by their supposed ally Jadis. Valiantly, survivors from communities the Kingdom and the Hilltop came with a last-minute rescue and their very own tiger and turned the tables on Negan. As the attackers fled, it seems that most of the characters were gearing up to return for Season 8, but it also tipped Jadis as yet another villain of the zombie apocalypse.

Now, Variety reports that Steven Ogg, Katelyn Nacon, and Pollyanna McIntosh have all been promoted to series regulars next season. In case you don't know the named behind the stars, Ogg plays Negan's right-hand savior Simon, Nacon plays the angsty Enid, and McIntosh plays garbage queen Jadis. With Season 7 losing big players like Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz, it is good news that three more actors have been promoted to series regulars, although don't expect all of them to make it out of the season in one piece.

atelyn Nacon as Enid Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 5

For those hoping that we had seen the last of the riddle-talking Jadis, it looks like McIntosh's part is set to get a lot bigger. Being completely unique to the show, those who are looking for Jadis in Robert Kirkman's comic books will pull a blank. With Jadis being a new invention, it means that we have no idea how her story arc will go, however, after her betrayal of Rick, expect the Alendaria Safe Zone survivors to be out for revenge.

Elsewhere, Ogg's performance as the creepy Simon was praised as one of the best parts of a mixed-bag season, but a man that was vastly underused. Some have even argued that Simon is a better villain than Morgan's Negan. Simon was last seen helping the leader of the Saviors escape during the dramatic season finale and a hail of bullets.

As for Enid, her budding romance with Chandler Riggs' Carl is sure to grow in the next season, however, we all know romance usually foreshadows death on the show. Enid has been spending a lot of time at the Hilltop recently, but could Season 8 return her to the Safe Zone and the arms of Carl?

The Walking Dead is slated to return in October and it is expected that the first trailer will premiere during San Diego Comic Con in July.

Source: Variety

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