The Walking Dead Gives Aaron The Franchise's Best Weapon Yet

The Walking Dead Season 10 Aaron

The Walking Dead season 10 arms Aaron with a new weapon that's without a doubt the franchise's best yet. This season of The Walking Dead has only just begun, but new and better weapons will be a top priority once the Whisperer War really gets going. Alpha and the Whisperers are back and already disputing the border with their land. Tensions are mounting and people are becoming restless, unsure of what comes next.

Making things worse for The Walking Dead's survivors are the swarms of walkers attacking Alexandria in never-ending waves. They're coming at them from all directions and, according to one Whisperer messenger, they are not being directed there by Alpha. It's unclear just what is bringing large numbers of walkers their way, but if the dead are massing like they did before, the survivors are going to have their hands full fighting Whisperers and walkers alike.

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It's this need to fight that sees Aaron arming himself in The Walking Dead season 10 episode 3, "Ghosts", making the most of his missing limb by affixing a morning star to his metal stump. Aaron lost the lower half of his left arm in an accident during the construction of the bridge back in season 9, needing to have it amputated after it was crushed by falling logs. Since then, The Walking Dead has Aaron wearing a metal glove that covers his stump, looking almost love a medieval knight's gauntlet. In this latest episode, though, we learn that Aaron can switch out what's on the end of his arm, opting for the spiky metal ball attachment in order to do some serious walker bashing.

Aaron with mace morningstar arm on The Walking Dead season 10

For as totally awesome as this new morning star hand is, though, Aaron doesn't get to use it a very much in the episode. That's because Aaron is placed in charge of Negan and forced to take him along on as they thin out the walkers surrounding Alexandria. It's a situation that neither Aaron of Negan like, and they wind up bickering more than zombie killing. Negan, at least, tries to make the best of it, but Aaron is still holding a grudge against Negan for his lover, Eric, dying in the war with the Saviors. Aaron's grief and anger are perfectly understandable, but being out and among large numbers of walkers isn't really the time nor place to hash out old wounds.

In The Walking Dead comics, it was Rick and not Aaron who loses a hand when it is brutally (and abruptly) cut off by The Governor. For a long while, Rick gets by with just his stump, learning how to wield his weapons with his left hand since he had been right-hand dominant. Eventually, Rick gets a prosthetic arm not so unlike what real amputees use today, but he never gets anything nearly as cool as Aaron's new weapon. Not that The Walking Dead is at a loss for cool weapons - Negan's bat, Michonne's sword, and Daryl's crossbow are among the most popular - but Aaron's spiky fist transforms what should be a hindrance into a real fighting advantage.

By the end of The Walking Dead's "Ghosts" episode, Negan and Aaron are on better terms, thanks mostly to Negan sticking around to save Aaron's butt after he's blinded by the hogweed growing out of the walkers (a handy tidbit of information only Negan notices). With Aaron recuperating, it'll likely be no time at all before he's back out on the front lines putting that ridiculously cool arm to good use.

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The Walking Dead season 10 continues Sunday, October 27th with "Silence the Whisperers" at 9pm/8c on AMC.

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