All-Out War Continues in Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Trailer

This post contains SPOILERS for those not caught up on The Walking Dead


The midseason premiere trailer for The Walking Dead season 8 has been released following a jam-packed finale that more than likely put the nails in Carl's coffin. After going for a unique way of going about their traditional big finale deaths, hell has broken loose on what once was an almost won battle against Negan and his pack of Saviors.

All of Rick's carefully laid out plans went down the drain following last week's episode, which we now understand was not entirely due to Daryl's impulsive actions. In fact, it was Eugene's ingenuity that led to the Saviors successful escape from the hell hole that they have been trapped in. But while Dwight's confession is a good sign for a possible team-up moving forward, and Maggie learning from her previous encounters with Negan (giving him a dose of his own medicine) Rick is facing another loss that would undoubtedly only intensify his grudge against the Lucille-wielding villain.


With Carl as good as dead after that bite that left both Rick and Michonne devastated, the Alexandrians will definitely be back for a no holds barred assault against Negan and his cohorts. While we wait for a couple of months to see where this all-out war between Rick's and Negan's forces end up, AMC has just released a trailer for the show's midseason premiere giving us a sneak peek as to what we can expect when the show comes back in February. Check out the clip above.

Further, an additional full scene has also been released featuring Michonne, Rosita, Tara and the newest official member of the good guys' club, Dwight (with a special seal of approval from Daryl), in a huddle, planning their next course of action still in the sewer. As to Rick's whereabouts? We're not entirely sure, but we expect he needs a bit of time alone grieving for his latest loss.

Before the start of the season, The Walking Dead had promised viewers an action-packed outing after the slow-paced seventh season, but except for a couple of exciting bits and pieces peppered throughout the first eight episodes this year, the show continues to suffer from arguably boring offerings that do little in pushing the narrative. Fortunately, things are starting to look up with the teaser for the back half of the season appearing to be more exciting now that both camps are once again on equal footing. It will be interesting to see how Rick goes about his next course of action after exercising an impressive amount of patience to ensure that Negan is done once and for all -- even having a conflict with Daryl who wants the Saviors finished the fastest way possible, only to realize that his decisions indirectly caused the death of his son.


Source: AMC

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