The Walking Dead's 100 Episodes Explained In 30 Seconds

Lauren Cohan in The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 8

The Walking Dead cast attempts to recap the show’s 100-episode journey in just 30 seconds, in a fun new video. The clip sees Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes), Danai Gurira (Michonne), Lauren Cohan (Maggie), Melissa McBride (Carol) and Norman Reedus (Daryl) trying to get through as much story as they can in half a minute.

The video has arrived just as hype begins to intensify for The Walking Dead season 8. The new season, which will kick off with the 100th episode, has been compared to a 1980s action movie. This suggests a lot less standing around and talking, compared to the slow-paced season 7. AMC has finally given The Walking Dead permission to drop a few F-bombs, as well, which should make things seem a bit more grown up this time around.

As season 8 nears, fans have been treated to a full trailer, an epic ‘All Out War’ banner poster, and a teasing promo video. Meanwhile, the cast has reflected on how these 100 episodes of television have changed their lives. And now, thanks to EW, you can see the cast on tape, trying to remember exactly what those 100 episodes entailed. Cohan, as you’ll quickly notice, makes a sizeable flub right out of the gate.

“We start on a farm”, Cohan says, confusing season 1 for season 2, before correcting herself. Of course, the show actually started in Atlanta, with Rick having a workplace accident before waking up in a hospital. As Reedus eloquently puts it, Rick “doesn’t know where he’s at.” He’s been in a coma for some time. And, as Lincoln summarises, Rick comes to realize that, “Oh s**t, everything’s f***ed up!”

Offering another humorous moment, Gurira struggles to explain what walkers are, saying, “there are these things all around and they’re people but they’re not and they’re sort of dead but they’re not really dead because they’re still moving.” McBride offers a downbeat recap of her own: “Dale dies, Beth dies, Lori dies. Spoiler alert. Abraham, Glenn, dies.” And Reedus ends the video with a touching reminder: “Rick Grimes sleeps with every woman.”

And that should just about bring you back up to speed in time for The Walking Dead season 8. In the episodes ahead, there’s one big mystery waiting to be solved: why does Rick look so old in the trailers for season 8? Showrunner Scott Gimple has teased that fans will find out more about that around the midseason finale mark.

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The Walking Dead season 8 premieres on October 22, on AMC.

Source: EW.

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