Walking Dead Celebrates Upcoming 100th Episode With New SDCC Banner

Rick and Daryl in The Walking Dead

With this fall's season 8 premiere, hit AMC drama The Walking Dead officially reaches the 100 episode milestone, and the show is celebrating at SDCC 2017.  For years, 100 episodes was sort of seen as the "magic number" that all TV shows wanted to hit before wrapping up for good. The primary reason being that 100 episodes used to be the number required to go into national syndication, and rake in those sweet, sweet rerun licensing dollars. While the 100 episodes for syndication rule doesn't necessarily apply anymore, reaching that number is still a huge achievement for any show, especially in an age where most series do seasons consisting of only 8-16 episodes as opposed to the old standard of 22.

Despite ratings drops during season 7, The Walking Dead still has a good ways to fall before its in any real danger of getting knocked off of its Nielsen perch, and thus there's no reason to expect that the series won't likely end up closer to the 200 episode mark by the time Rick and company's small-screen story ends.

To celebrate The Walking Dead's upcoming 100th episode, a banner has surfaced that's currently hanging inside the San Diego Convention Center in preparation for this week's San Diego Comic-Con event. The show is expected to have a big presence at the event, and will likely announce an official premiere date for season 8. The Twitter account SimonsJacket shared a photo of the banner, which can be seen below.

@BrandonDavisBD Comic-con poster

— SimonsJacket (@SimonsJacket) July 17, 2017

The central image is two contrasting photos of Rick Grimes, one representing his original cop look on the series, and the other his recent, more rugged look. On the sides of the two Ricks appears to be just about every major character in the history of The Walking Dead, including both deceased favorites like Merle, Sasha, the Governor, and Glenn. Also included are more recent additions to the series, like Jesus, Negan, Jadis, and King Ezekiel.

More than anything, the above banner serves to illustrate just how much about The Walking Dead has changed over the course of the past 7 seasons. Characters have arrived and left, both good guys and bad guys have met brutal demises, and Rick has seen his own sanity level drift up and down. With all-out war coming, there's no reason to believe a lot more changes aren't ahead in season 8.

The Walking Dead season 8 premieres this October on AMC.

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Source: SimonsJacket

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