Walking Dead Season 10 Promo Teases End of the World

Samantha Morton as Alpha in The Walking Dead season 10

AMC releases a new, atmospheric promo for The Walking Dead season 10. Returning next month, The Walking Dead's protagonists are about to take the fight to the sinister Whisperers.

In many ways, The Walking Dead is about to close one era, while venturing out onto new territory. Last season saw the unexpected departure of Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes character. Despite exiting the show however, Lincoln isn't done with The Walking Dead universe. He will star in the first theatrical film set in the world of The Walking Dead. Danai Gurira, who has played Michonne for many years, is leaving after season 10. Showrunner Angela Kang promises Michonne will have a strong arc before leaving. The Whisperers have emerged as one of the show's biggest threats. The protagonists were almost always helpless last season, but based on a previous Walking Dead teaser, this time they are going on the offensive. In the latest promo, the Whisperers are back in the spotlight.

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Skybound has released another short promo video for The Walking Dead season 10. Narrated by Alpha and Beta, the Whisperers take a major focus while highlighting various scenes of the protagonists. Check it out below.

Claiming to be the "end of the world" is a bold statement, but Alpha and her Whisperers have proven to be some of the most dangerous enemies on the show. In the promo, there are a couple of interesting developments being highlighted. Rosita seemingly has her baby, and is very emotional. Alpha and Beta are together in the final scene, and some fans think they are discussing a twisted version of wedding vows. The Walking Dead saw some of its strongest reviews last season, and that looks to continue based on the promo video.

It's not known how closely the Whisperer War will follow the comic book, but if it adapts certain sequences, fans are in for a treat. There are certainly going to be surprises as well. In the Walking Dead season 10 SDCC trailer, the ending scene showcased Michonne wielding Negan's infamous baseball bat. Based on that, Michonne truly will have a satisfying exit. As for how the show will continue on without Rick and Michonne, it was stated that AMC was looking to bring back Lauren Cohan as Maggie. Time will tell if that happens, but in the meantime, the upcoming season looks to be one of the biggest yet in the long-running show.

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The Walking Dead season 10 premieres October 6, on AMC.

Source: Skybound

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