'Walk of Shame' Red Band Trailer: Elizabeth Banks is in Big Trouble

Elizabeth Banks, James Marsden and 'Community' actor Gillian Jacobs star in the red-band trailer for Steven Brill's comedy 'Walk of Shame'.

Walk of Shame poster

If you've ever stumbled home in the early hours of Sunday morning, wearing a skimpy party dress with your high heels in one hand and mascara smudged under your eyes, try finding comfort in the fact that it's pretty much a rite of passage. The phenomenon is so common, in fact, that now it's even getting its own movie. In Steven Brill's Walk of Shame, Elizabeth Banks plays a news anchor called Meghan Miles who decides to have a night on the town in order to forget some bad news, and has to deal with the aftermath of a drunken night with the lovely Gordon (James Marsden).

Loosely resembling a daylight version of Martin Scorsese's After Hours, the new red band trailer for Walk of Shame follows the unfortunate Meghan as she attempts a simple trip across Los Angeles to an extremely important newscast and finds disaster befalling her at every turn. From her car getting towed to a gang shootout and an altercation with a bus driver, she quickly finds herself becoming one of the news stories that she usually reads.

Walk of Shame also co-stars Willie Garson (Sex and the City), Gillian Jacobs (Community) and Sarah Wright (21 & Over) as the friends rallying to Meghan's cause. Brill, who wrote the script as well as directing, is best known for directing Adam Sandler movies Mr Deeds and Little Nicky, as well as a segment of Movie 43. OK, it's not the greatest of resumés, but it's never too late for a director to turn things around.

Walk of Shame poster

Banks currently has a significant supporting role in The Hunger Games saga as Effie Trinket and was the voice of Wyldstyle in the recent blocky animated adventure The LEGO Movie. She's also planning to make her feature directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2, a sequel to the jukebox musical starring Anna Kendrick that Banks both produced and starred in.

This red band trailer for Walk of Shame is pretty so-so and oh-so-helpfully gives away most of the movie's plot. It's also being released in direct competition with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Choose wisely.


Walk of Shame is out in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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