Disney XD's Walk The Prank Cast & Character Guide

Walk The Prank

Here’s a guide to the cast and characters of Disney XD’s show Walk The Prank. Mixing scripted comedy with real-life hidden-camera pranks, Walk The Prank follows four tweenage friends – Chance, Bailey, Dusty, and Herman – who pull practical jokes on unsuspecting people for their web series. While the scripted parts of the show revolve around the characters’ everyday lives, the pranks are very much real.

Alongside concocting their own pranks to play on unsuspecting members of the public, the Walk The Prank cast also teamed up with a number of prankster celebrities to help them out. In a season 2 episode, the four friends enlisted the help of K.C. Undercover cast members Zendaya (Spider-Man: Far From Home), Veronica Dunne and Kamil McFadden. Another episode saw the foursome join forces with NFL stars including Jay Ajayi, Jarvis Landry, and Melvin Gordon and later in season 2, the friends teamed with WWE superstars Kofi Kingston, Alexa Bliss, and Diamond Dallas Page.

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During its first season, Walk The Prank ranked as Disney XD’s most-watched show on VOD and went on to air two more successful seasons. Despite the show’s popularity with young audiences, Disney XD has yet to renew Walk The Prank for season 4 and it’s been over a year since its last new episode aired. Since Disney XD hasn’t officially announced the show’s cancellation, it’s assumed to be on hiatus. While the network decides its fate, let’s take a look at Walk The Prank's cast and the characters they play.

Cody Veith – Chance

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn star Cody Veith plays Chance – the unofficial leader of the Walk The Prank gang and the mastermind behind many of their pranks.

Jillian Shea Spaeder – Bailey

Tech-savvy Bailey is the only female member of the Walk The Prank crew and is played by Jillian Shea Spaeder who recently appeared on the Netflix comedy-drama No Good Nick.

Brandon Severs – Dusty

Dusty is Chance’s best friend and like his pal, he’s all about pulling off the perfect prank. Dusty is played by Brandon Severs who’s also had roles in Raven’s Home and #Freerayshawn.

Bryce Gheisar – Herman

Bryce Gheisar plays Herman, Chance’s little brother who doesn’t quite fit in with the gang as he’s a bit younger. Gheisar recently starred in the film A Dog’s Purpose and TV show 9-1-1.

Tobie Windham – Uncle Will

Uncle Will is Dusty’s uncle and owns a joke shop which comes in handy with the Walk The Prank gangs pranks. He’s played by Tobie Windham who’s currently starring on another Disney show, Just Roll With It.

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