'Where's Waldo?' Movie Snags a Writer

A Where's Waldo? Movie is in the works, can you spot it?

MGM is once again plundering our collective childhood and has tapped screenwriter Todd Berger to write the script for a live-action movie about the sneaky and beloved wanderer Waldo.  No names have been attached to star thus far.

The "Where's Waldo?" books - a creation of famed illustrator Martin Handford - feature Waldo dressed in a red-and-white shirt and carrying a magic walking stick, hidden in plain sight in large crowded scenes.  One advantage to a Waldo movie is that  there is wide margin in the way the character can be interpreted.

Details are murky given the film's slated release date for summer 2015.  Berger still has to finish up It's a Disaster, a comedy he wrote, directed, and stars in with Julia Stiles, David Cross and Rachel Boston.  But hedoes seem like the right fit for a  Waldo movie, based on the buzz surrounding his script for The Happy Time Murders, which has Cameron Diaz set to star.

mgm making where's waldo movie

The real question we all have is: what will a Where's Waldo? movie be about or look like?  The object of the books was simply to spot Waldo in incredibly large scenes.  This definitely gives wide leeway to experiment with the script, but how would the filmmakers add the element of finding Waldo into the film?  One way of course would be to employ the usage of 3D technology.  Here 3D might actually be put to proper use.  Finding Waldo could be as easy as putting on your 3D glasses at certain points, or maybe Waldo could pop out at you at the right time during a harrowing moment in the movie?

The possibilities are endless given the wide latitude a book with no words gives you.

Now that Where's Waldo? has a writer, a director and stars can't be far behind. We'll keep you posted.

Source: THR

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