The Wachowskis & Keanu Are Plastic, Man

Story from Latino Review claims that a source of source from somewhere in Berlin is reporting that the Wachowski Bros. are looking to reunite with their Matrix Trilogy leading man, Keanu Reeves, in order to bring a certain fantastic elastic DC superhero to the big screen.

That's right folks, Plastic Man. Who is Plastic Man? Why he's a superhero whose superpower is having a silly-puddy body! (Think Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four.) Thankfully, Plastic Man is much zanier and wild than Reed Richards, (think Jim Carrey in The Mask.) The various applications of Plastic Man's powers in the comic books has ranged from comedic, to insane, to downright obscene. Could be a fun movie, done correctly.

But wait? Keanu "stone face" Reeves playing the most pliable super-hero of all time? Ha. The Universe DOES have a sense of irony.

You can read an excerpt from a transcript of one interviewer's radio session with the source close to the Plastic Man camp, below. (The full transcript you can find over at Latino Review.)

- With the nitty gritty out of the way, he started a heavy discussion on a subject known to many comic book fans called Plastic Man. This is what i have been able to recall.

- The Wachowski's are using their original 1996 script which he says would have been the most expensive movie ever made had it been green lit back then.

- With the recent disappointment regarding Speed Racer, the Brothers decided it was time to give the fans what they want (Old school Wachowski production). He says the boys are prepping the movie the way they did it on the first Matrix with the intention of blowing shit up like never before.

- Movie will focus on Action, Character and then special effects. Says the Brothers feel the world can't handle another movie ten years ahead of its time (Speed Racer), however, they will be putting action scenes together that will follow the format of the first matrix with the first half of the movie detailing the plot/character and the final half being non-stop action.

- Here's the big announcement. Joel repeated this twice, Keanu Reeves will be playing the character of Patrick "Eel" O'Brian a.k.a Plastic Man. Joel mentioned the Brothers felt it had been too long since they last collaborated and feel they will only ever now work with him for all their future movies.

- Looking for a Dec 09 release world wide. Tentative to change if effects work is delayed.

Can Keanu really bend it like Beckham all the back to the top of Super-hero hill? (Can the Wachowskis really bounce back from Speed Racer? ) Let us know what you think.

Source: Latino Review

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