Wachowski Siblings Set For New Sci-Fi Flick, 'Jupiter Ascending'

Few blockbuster filmmakers are as reclusive or reluctant to talk in public about their work as The Matrix creating duo Andy and Lana Wachowski. Hence why it's not surprising to learn that virtually nothing has been revealed so far about the pair's return to the science fiction genre - a project titled Jupiter Ascending.

The Wachowskis are currently collaborating with Run, Lola, Run helmer Tom Tykwer on Cloud Atlas - an adaptation of David Mitchell's decorated novel - but are expected to thereafter commence with production on Jupiter Ascending.

Deadline says that Jupiter Ascending is another original screenplay devised by the Wachowski siblings and that principal photography on the project could begin as early as Spring 2012. However, plot/thematic/character details, information about the possible budget for the film, and even exactly which A-listers the filmmakers may be eying to headline their new cinematic creation... well, that's all a mystery for the time being.

Things have changed significantly for the Wachowskis, over the past decade. While the original 1999 Matrix movie remains beloved by sci-fi fans, nerdy types, and intellectuals alike, the film's sequels - The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions - are nowadays regarded by many of those same people with nearly an equal level of contempt as that generally reserved for, say, the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Matters weren't improved when the Wachowskis decided to follow up their Matrix trilogy with a $120 million adaptation of Speed Racer that only managed to gross about three-fourths of its production budget in worldwide ticket sales. Even those who enjoyed the anime adaptation agree: Speed Racer is just so visually bombastic that it's often literally difficult to watch.

However, the fascinating philosophical subtext, religious allegories, and classic sci-fi/comic book-inspired visual style of the Wachowski's Matrix films (even the second and third) has long kept moviegoers interested in seeing what the two cinematic storytellers are up to next - especially, when it concerns either a narratively-ambitious undertaking (like Cloud Atlas) or any sort of new sci-fi story, a la Jupiter Ascending.

That's all to say: People will definitely be interested in finding out just what Jupiter Ascending is all about. If Cloud Atlas is given a good critical reception when it hits theaters next year, the majority of film buffs might even start getting excited again (and not feel trepidation) when they hear that Andy and Lana are making a new movie.


We will keep you posted on the status of Jupiter Ascending as more information (or, rather, any information) is revealed.

Source: Deadline

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