Voltron Legendary Defender Season 5 Trailer: Can Lotor Be Trusted?

The new trailer for Voltron Legendary Defender season 5 arrives. While the war against the Galra Empire continues, the Paladins' team dynamic continues to evolve especially with Prince Lotor seemingly following through his last-minute good deed at the end of season 4 by still being involved in the ongoing battle.

Voltron pulled a massive plot twist during its season 4 finale after Lotor came to the rescue during an intense fight against the evil witch, Haggar. While the disgraced Prince's act was truly commendable considering that he played a huge part in that specific encounter, the Paladins were still quite unsure what to make of him and rightfully so. Serving as the main villain for the last couple of the shows outings, Lotor wasn't exactly a good guy when we first met him. But also providing valuable intel that helped free more rebels was a great ploy to convince everyone that he has nothing but good intentions.


Weeks before the new season debuts, Netflix and Dreamworks release our first look at the Voltron's upcoming episodes, which you can watch above. Clocking in at a minute and 15 seconds, the footage picks up immediately after the crew's last big win, but it also highlights upcoming intense battle sequences intertwined with the team' current dilemma: Can Lotor be truly trusted? Unfortunately, it looks the Paladins won't have much time to mull over the matter as the synopsis for the outing reveals that Zarkon is looming in the shadows, just waiting for the right time to attack. Read it below:

"Shocked by Prince Lotor coming to their rescue in the fight against the evil witch Haggar, the Paladins struggle with whether or not they can really trust him. Though suspicious, Team Voltron is able to liberate more rebels with the aid of Lotor's intel. Just as things start to look hopeful, Zarkon strikes, resulting in a shocking chain of events."

From the looks of it, the Paladins and Lotor will have some sort of cautioned alliance considering that Zarkon has announced that his own son is now an enemy of the Empire. At this point, what could Lotor's endgame be other than to actually be on the right side of the story? That said, it's understandable why the team is very hesitant in taking him in and treating the Prince like their own because of the unideal history between them. If anything, the trailer teases a deep dive in this ongoing war that goes beyond whose right and wrong, certainly giving us the impression that Voltron season 5 will be a darker piece than its predecessor.

How the team resolves the internal dilemma brought about by Lotor and external crisis with Zarkon getting back into the thick of things remains to be seen. But we hope that instead of splitting its usual 13-episode into two, similar to what happened to seasons 3 and 4, we get the full outing in one go as it makes for a better storytelling experience for the audience. Further, it also gives the show ample time to set things up and not feel rushed.

Update: Here's an exclusive Voltron season 5 clip featuring Lotor vs. Sendak!

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Voltron Legendary Defender season 5 will start streaming on Netflix starting March 2.

Source: Netflix

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