'Voltron' Movie Scrapped; New Cartoon & Toys on the Way [Updated]

voltron movie scrapped dead delayed on hold

[Update: The Voltron movie is still in development. Details HERE.]

It's been a tumultuous journey to the big screen for the live-action Voltron movie - and for the moment, that journey has come to an end.

Back in April it was announced that the project was entering reboot mode by tossing out all prior versions of the screenplay and searching for a new director. Max Makowski (Taboo) had been attached to direct up until that point, and Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds) had done a rewrite on a script by Justin Marks (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li).

The project was initially set-up at 20th Century Fox.  They later dropped the film and Relativity Media stepped in with plans to produce it on a more modest budget. It was at this stage that Marks was brought onboard to pen the screenplay. Relativity was not able to get the project off the ground before their option expired and the film wound up at Atlas Entertainment.

Now, Collider is reporting that Voltron rights holders World Events Productions and Classic Media are scrapping plans for the film altogether and focusing instead on their new animated series and toy line. The cartoon, titled Voltron Force, will debut on Nicktoons next year with 26 half-hour episodes. The original characters will return, but they'll be teaming up with new recruits.

A new line of toys will coincide with the cartoon's premiere and feature classic versions of the figures and playsets, as well as more modern, "edgier" versions. Thundercats, another iconic 80's cartoon property, recently took a similar approach to relaunching its brand.  If the new Voltron cartoon and toys are successful it will no doubt bring a renewed interest in a feature film version, but for the moment don't expect to see Voltron in theaters anytime soon.

According to Variety, the producers of Voltron claim they were never able to "lock down the right tone" for the live-action movie.

How do you feel about this decision? Is a new animated series a welcome addition to the Voltron mythology or did you have your heart set on a live-action film?

Source: Collider via Variety.

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