'Voltron' Movie Concept Art & Screenwriter Info

In July we got word that despite reports to the contrary, a Voltron movie is still in development over at Atlas Entertainment. Today we have the first evidence of what that movie - now being referred to as Voltron: Defender of the Universe - may look like, in the form of concept art that was secured exclusively by Joblo.

Back when we were hearing that the Voltron movie was still alive and kicking, we also got word that Atlas was close to snagging some screenwriters to bring the story to fruition. Now we also have word on just who those screenwriters are.

Screenwriting duo Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer are the two scribes being floated as the Voltron movie writers. The duo wrote the screenplay for the action/adventure flick Sahara, the script for Marcus Nispel's upcoming remake of Conan, and are even working on the movie adaptations of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Marvel's Doctor Strange. It would seem these two young men are on a fast rise through the Hollywood screenwriting ranks...

But on to the main event: the concept art for Voltron: Defender of the Universe. As you'll see below, the art has an aesthetic that was no doubt at least partly inspired by Michael Bay's Transfomers franchise (for better or worse). That said, for a story about a giant robot built from robot lions, who battles evil giant "Robeasts," I think you'll agree that this concept art looks pretty darn cool.

We've posted smaller shots of the concept art below - click either one to see a full-size HD version of the artwork:



Like I said above, for a movie with subject matter as strange as Voltron's, this concept art looks pretty good. I'm still undecided on what the best format would be for a film like this (should it be live-action or CGI animated?), but I can tell you one thing: I'd bet my hat (and it's a nice hat) that we'll be experiencing it in 3D.

Now that there are writers working on a script and concept art that is sure to generate a buzz around these Interwebs, I suspect it won't be long before a studio and/or third-party financial backer comes knocking on Atlas Entertainment's door. We'll keep you posted on what develops.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe is aiming for release in 2013. Keep up to date on the film's development by following us on Twitter: @screenrant

Source: Joblo

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