Voltron Movie Update; New Animated Series In Development

Our friend "Thurston McQ" from Corona Coming Attractions sent us a friendly heads up regarding the status of Voltron, the iconic 80s cartoon about five people who pilot lion-shaped spaceships, which also happen to transform into a giant, sword-wielding robot.

The news is apparently good for animation fans - but not so good for movie lovers. Read on to find out more.

For a few years now there's been some rumbling of a Voltron movie in the works.  About a year back, we reported that United Talent Agency had signed on to represent Voltron creators World Event Productions in developing a live-action Voltron movie alongside producer Charles Roven's (The Dark Knight) Atlas Entertainment brand.

Well, McQ from CCA was granted exclusive access to WEP's offices recently, where he took the opportunity to geek out about everything Voltron while speaking with WEP's managing director Tiffany Ilardi, and creative director Jeremy Corray. The topics discussed were the Voltron movie (naturally) and a new animated series that is reportedly coming to NickToons.

The new animated series was also recently announced via fansite, and here are the early details that McQ reported on:The lions are sleek, and are recognizably Voltron.

• The lions are sleek, and are recognizably Voltron.

• There’s an expanded, interracial team.

• All five post-Sven pilots are there (with a probable Sven cameo).

• The show’s major villains will be returning.

• Character design is vaguely reminiscent of (though not in a way I would say apes) Timm-verse DC.

• The cartoon’s working title is now Voltron Force (not Voltron Panthera Force).

• There’s an all-new voice cast.

McQ also discusses his first impressions of the new lion ship designs, but for that juicy tidbit you'll have to visit Corona Coming Attractions.

As for the movie: We last reported that Atlas Entertainment was on the hunt for a new writer for the Voltron movie. A script had previously been written by Justin Marks (Legend of Chun-Li), which featured a story about Earth being attacked by alien invaders and five young pilots being selected to fly the iconic lion ships and serve as Earth's protectors. TV screenwriter Jeff Davis (Criminal Minds) was later brought in to tweak Marks' script, and director Max Makowski (Taboo) was rumored to be helming the project.

Well, according to McQ, all of that history is now just that (history) and the the Voltron movie is back at the "reboot" stage - i.e., nothing definite is set.

Some points of interest reported by McQ:

• Neither the Justin Marks script nor the more recent Jeff Davis rewrite will be the shooting script; the production is officially in "reboot mode."

• Max Makowski is no longer attached to direct.

• Despite longstanding legal rumors and online rumblings, the Voltron property belongs solely to WEP.

• WEP is working closely with Atlas Entertainment on the movie’s direction.

• No actors are currently attached.

• The likelihood of young children confusing Voltron with Transformers and/or Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers is something being addressed; it is WEP’s intention that Voltron be distinctive enough to stand out on his own.

Voltron fans, if you want to know all about the video game and possible anime-style feature that are being considered, you really need to check out McQ's full post over at Corona Coming Attractions.

Of all the topics discussed regarding this Voltron movie, I personally think the one that the filmmakers have to worry about the most is the confusion with Michael Bay's Transformers franchise and the more recently popular Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Only a special type of moviegoer will have an acute recollection of the original Voltron animated series from the 80s. Hell, it used to be one of my favorite cartoons - I had all the toys (including all five lion ships that formed one huge robot badass) - but even I have to admit that by now I'm fuzzy on the details.

voltron movie scrapped dead delayed on hold

From the sound of things, we'll all have ample time to get our Voltron memories in order; this movie has been in development Limbo for quite some time, and despite the enthusiastic reporting by McQ, hearing that the most recent plans have been scrapped makes me inevitably feel that Limbo is where this movie will remain for now.

We'll keep you updated on the development of the Voltron movie as we hear news. Here's hoping the NickToons animated series will be enough to tide you over.

Source: Corona Coming Attractions

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