Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 4 Clip & Images: Lotor's Plan Revealed #NYCC

Netflix and DreamWorks' animated series Voltron: Legendary Defender returns for season 4 in just a few weeks, and we have a new clip from the first episode straight out of New York Comic Con. When we last saw the Paladins of Voltron in the finale, they had just learned the true origins of Voltron and Emperor Zarkon. As it turns out, Princess Allura's father, King Alfor, and Zarkon were once friends, until a mysterious comet one day crashed near Zarkon's homeworld of Daibazaal.

While the comet did allow Alfor to subsequently create the five Lions and Voltron, it had an unfortunate side effect in that while studying the space rift the comet came through, Zarkon's wife, Altean alchemist Honerva, was poisoned by Quintessence. Zarkon then hatched a plan and tricked Alfor and the other Paladins into taking him and his wife into White Space (a reality of pure Quintessence) to restore her back to health, but instead it ended up killing them both. Afterward, the remaining Paladins were forced to destroy the Galran homeworld, Daibazaal, in order to close the portal, and Zarkon and Honerva were then resurrected by Dark Quintessence from the other universe as Emperor Zarkon and Witch Haggar.

All this time, it was thought that Daibazaal and the White Space had been completely destroyed, but in the new clip above Zarkon and Haggar's son, Prince Lotor reveals that the rift between realities can never be undone. His plan now is to pilot a team through a newly created inter-reality gate and into the rift to harvest unlimited amounts of Quintessence. There is no room for failure, as they're going to use the only Quintessence they have left to pierce the barrier between realities. One assumes the Quintessence will be used to live forever and rule the universe. For sure, it's not good for the Paladins.

Dreamworks also released some new images from season 4, which shows Pidge separated from the rest of the Paladins. During the New York Comic Con panel, it was revealed that Pidge will get some new leads in the search for her brother. Meanwhile, while Shiro has accepted his new role at Castle of Lions, Keith still thinks Shiro should be the Black Paladin. Shiro will need to mentor Keith and push him to accept his new place as the leader of the Paladins.

Over on the evil side, Zarkon and Lotor will also be at odds, once Haggar revives her husband from the brink of death. The father and son have very different ideas of where to take the Galra Empire next. Speaking of Galra, after discovering he has Galra blood from his maternal side of the family, Keith this season will also be going back to his origins and training with the Galra rebel group Blade of Marmora. This probably won't go over well with the rest of the Paladins. As the battle between good and evil ramps up, they'll need all the help they can get, but there's not telling who they can trust.

Voltron: Legendary Defender returns for season 4 on October 13, 2017. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 are all available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Dreamworks, Hypable

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