Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 3: Episodes 1-4 Reviewed

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Episode 4 - Hole In The Sky

The first three episodes of Legendary Defender season 3 were clearly all about reforming Voltron - both the team and the giant robot - as well as introducing their new antagonist. In fact, they could have easily been strung together as a short film or extended premiere and they would have worked just as well. With its fourth episode, "Hole In The Sky", Legendary Defender begins exploring new ideas and introduces what is sure to become the major arc of the season.

It begins with an Altean distress signal, which obviously has Allura jumping at the opportunity to rescue her people since it had been assumed that she and Coran were the only survivors. They arrive at a ship trapped inside a strange wormhole that when they pass through, takes them to an alternate reality. It's a classic sci-fi trope and one Legendary Defenders uses for both gags and some serious introspection. An alternate reality provides the chance for alternate versions of characters we already know, and while we don't get mirror-versions of anyone who passes through the wormhole, we do meet this reality's versions of Shiro and Slav - members of a resistance movement called the Guns of Gamara who are fighting against the Altean Empire.

And while Slav is certainly a fun character, even in this reality, having the alternate version of Shiro be called Sven is probably Voltron's best joke to date. A callback to the original series which actually had a character by that name who died after only a few episodes, this Sven also has a bad Norwegian accent and dies shortly after we meet him. Thank you, Sven, though we hardly knew you, your sacrifice won't soon be forgotten.

In this reality, Zarkon was defeated long ago, after which Empress Allura established the Altean Empire to spread peace across the universe. And in perhaps a bit of foreshadowing to the kind of empire Lotor wants to build, this "peace" basically became join us or we'll lobotomize you. It's evil, which Keith and the rest of the Paladins recognize immediately, but it takes Allura a little longer to accept. Similarly to how she's had to learn Galra isn't synonymous with evil, she has to learn that Alteans aren't wholly good by default. There are shades to morality, and Legendary Defender is certain to explore that even more as season 3 progresses.

What it will also most certainly have is a showdown between Voltron and whatever giant robot Lotor creates with the transreality material found in that comet. It's an interesting piece of information we learn about Voltron's creation, explaining why this robot is so incredibly powerful. But seeing as Lotor orchestrates the whole scenario - the distress signal, ensuring Voltron returned with the comet, everything - it's incredibly worrisome to think what such a clever adversary will do with such a powerful weapon.


Voltron: Legendary Defender seasons 1, 2, and 3 are available to stream on Netflix. Season 4 premieres on October 14th.

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