Voice From The Stone Trailer: Emilia Clarke is Haunted


The world of independent film is often overlooked for big-budget pictures and franchise updates, but occasionally an indie flick can hit on the right star power to draw a certain crowd. Though they offer far less money, independent films often give actors a chance to really flex their acting muscles, whereas they might otherwise be playing an ensemble part or established franchise character.

Such may be the case for Game of Thrones actor Emilia Clarke, who is prepped to star in upcoming indie release Voice from the Stone. The film, a period piece set in 1950s Italy, follows Verena (Clarke) as she begins living with and caring for Jakob (Edward George Dring). Jakob has gone mute after suffering the death of his mother, and exhibits some strange behavior that leads Verena to question her sanity and the nature of this job. The film is based on Silvio Raffo's novel of the same name.

The film dropped a trailer yesterday, in anticipation of its limited release next month, that exhibits the film's mysterious plot. You can watch it, in full, above.

This looks like it could potentially be an important role for Clarke, as she prepares to branch out from her role as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones. Clarke has enjoyed some film roles here and there during her tenure on the HBO hit series, but her career has thus far focused on roles in big-budget films. She recently played the lead in the film adaptation of the novel Me Before You, and also starred in Terminator Genysis as Sarah Connor. Eric D. Howell, whose primary claim to film fame is as a stunt man, directs the film.


The trailer definitely piques your interest -- especially toward the end, when things get crazy -- but it doesn't look like Voice from the Stone will exactly be a revolutionary take on the genre. Creepy kids are a horror staple, and Jakob, who doesn't talk and takes most of his life advice from a cement wall, definitely fits the bill. The dynamic between Jakob and Verena in the trailer isn't particularly compelling (except for one moment where he tries to Bran Stark her), but the mysterious matriarch we see fading out of focus could prove a fascinating villain. All signs point to this movie ending up a small film with small hype, but it could also be a cult classic in the making with a lackluster trailer.


Either way, it's awesome to see more independent work being made, especially within the horror/thriller genre, and this looks like a cool opportunity for Clarke to really shine. We're interested to see how the reviews for this film pan out, and whether or not it will earn a wider release.

Voice from the Stone premieres in a limited release and on VOD April 28.

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