Vixen Season 2 Trailer: All Hands on Deck

Vixen Season 2 Trailer

Last night Legends of Tomorrow made a big splash with its return to the CW network for its second season. It was the last of the four DC Comics' themed shows including SupergirlThe Flash, and Arrow, to have its 2016-17 season premiere, which completes their Monday through Thursday night programming. Supergirl broke records in the show's debut, while all the other programs have taken bold new directions in the new season. When things are healthy, they continue to grow. With that logic in mind, the recent success of CW's DC lineup has enabled the universe to expand even further.

Last year a new superhero was introduced to the CW universe, Vixen. The character who originated in the pages of DC Comics, made her initial debut on the streaming service CW Seed in her own animated series, VixenThe show is set within the live-action television universe and stars Megalyn Echikunwoke, while featuring the voices of the Flash (Grant Gustin) and Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) among other guest appearances, before the character transitioned to live-action in Arrow.

The character is coming back this fall in a big way, in both live-action and animation. Vixen made her first appearance on Legends of Tomorrow in this week's season premiere. This version of Vixen is an ancestor of the contemporary superhero, Amaya Jiwe, played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers. While, Echikunwoke will be making her return to the character as well, in a new season of Vixen on CW Seed. Today the network dropped a brand new trailer showing off the action coming to the show this year [above].

Vixen Season 2 Trailer

In the trailer they are clearly highlighting the connected nature of the CW/DC universe. The Flash, Firestorm, Green Arrow, and Cisco Ramon, have combined their efforts to stop a tsunami. All hands are needed on deck as they fight the disaster that may not be so natural - as the Weather Wizard is revealed to be involved in the plot and is presumably a larger part of the meteorological mayhem.

Introducing Vixen on the CW Seed has been an interesting experiment, as it's the first character to get that type of cross-medium introduction. However, there is rarely ever any bad logic in introducing, particularly younger, viewers to superheroes through animation (i.e. - Harley Quinn), which should create a greater public awareness in the future. With appearances lined up in two separate shows this month, it would seem that Vixen is in prime position to upgrade her stock in the DC universe in the near future.

Season 2 of Vixen is now available to stream on CW Seed.

Source: CW

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