Virtuality's Ratings Flatline in Friday Night Dead Space

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is looking for ratings numbers in the vacuum of space

After being given the Friday night treatment by Fox, Ronald D. Moore's Virtuality didn't fare too well.

The movie that was originally slated to be a pilot for a series that  was your standard fare from Moore, employing his style and voice to air his perspective on different human scenarios.  In this case, it was about 12 space-faring crew members who were facing isolation on a 10-year space journey, and, dealing with what looked like a faulty virtual reality system.

I enjoyed it and the majority of the Screen Rant readers who commented on my review concurred that it was a good watch.


Friday Night Bites

But Friday night did what it does and bit a chunk out of the ratings for this science fiction drama.  Science fiction and fantasy just don't click with the Friday night viewers.  But don't tell Fox that.  They're not listening.

Virtuality pulled in 1.8 million viewers and that placed the show 4th out of 5 shows in it's time slot.

For the entire evening of Friday, June 26th, Virtuality ranked 9th out of 13 shows that aired on network TV.

The Michael Jackson Dateline show and 20/20 dominated the evening, and a repeat of the crime drama Numbers ranked as the highest-rated scripted drama.

On the bright side, Moore's platform did manage to beat The Goode Family, Everybody Hates Chris, The Game, and Privledged.


Expectations Sadly Fulfilled

What I expected from this Friday night airing of Virtuality came to pass.  My guess is that Fox will not pursue a series from this premise, and that's a shame because Moore delivered what I expect from him as he tackled different social issues in a gritty fashion we're not always used to seeing.

Because of the reviews and other interest being generated by fans, there is a drive to get the show picked up; they suggest writing to Fox or SyFy about it or to watch it on Hulu.

Check it out at the Virtuality Fan Support page.

With Virtuality I think we could have had a great series to entertain us that would have engaged our imaginations.  It's a shame.

Spread the word faithful readers, and let us know what your feelings are on any issue we've presented here.

Ratings source:  TV By The Numbers

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