New Viral Site for '9' Offers Cool Features & Backstory

If you're a Screen Rant regular then you know we've been cheerleading pretty hard for a new movie called 9, which is a CGI animated sci-fi fantasy about a group of living rag dolls (numbered 1-9) who hold the key to life in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by machines.

Well, 9 now has its own viral site, which offers a lot of background information on the world the story is set in, and what events led up to the "birth" of the rag dolls and their mission to protect life.The site is and it was launched in conjunction with the facebook page for "The Scientist",, scientist who ultimately created the living rag doll characters of 9.


This viral site is pretty cool. It's set up to look like The Scientist's lab and has sketches of some of his early inventions. There are a bunch of interactive items in the lab, such as a The Scientist's journal, which opens to reveal an entry corresponding with the current date. A row of symbols across the bottom of the screen link to audio samples of Elijah Wood (who plays the titular character of 9) narrating snippets of backstory about the political/social events that led to the fall of humanity, the rise of technology, and the creation of the rag dolls. Currently four of the nineteen symbols are accessible; the rest look like they'll "light up" at different increments in the near future.

Three things I especially like about this viral site: how upfront it is with the info it gives; how the info provided is actually relevant (and interesting) to the plot of the film; and finally, the fact that there are enough time-incremented interactive features to keep you returning to the site from now until 9 hits theaters. Too many of these viral sites are interesting for a minute, and totally forgettable a minute later. Not the case here.

9 will feature the all-star voices of Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly, Crispin Glover, Martin Landau, Christopher Plummer and John C. Reily. If you like the viral site, be sure to check out the short film that inspired the movie and an exclusive clip from the film.

The film hits theaters (when else?) on 9-9-09.

Sources: Facebook & 9 Experiment

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