• Viola Davis is reportedly returning as Amanda Waller for James Gunn's The Suicide Squad. 1 / 8

    Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad
  • Gunn's Suicide Squad is shaping up to be a soft reboot of the DCEU films. 2 / 8

    Suicide Squad comic book art
  • The original Suicide Squad bombed with critics, but was a big box office hit. 3 / 8

    Suicide Squad movie poster
  • Jai Courtney has confirmed he will return as Captain Boomerang in Gunn's movie. 4 / 8

    Captain Boomerang Suicide Squad Vertical
  • Margot Robbie is also set to come back as Harley Quinn. 5 / 8

    Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad
  • Will Smith will be replaced by Idris Elba as Deadshot in Gunn's film. 6 / 8

    Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad
  • Other characters (like Jared Leto's Joker) may or may not be returning too. 7 / 8

    Jared Leto as Joker in Suicide Squad
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