Ving Rhames Joins Comedy Central's 'Black Jack' Pilot

Ving Rhames lands lead in Black Jack

Comedy Central's recent pick-up Black Jack has its leading man: perennial tough guy Ving Rhames.

The actor was announced for the title role today,  just over a month after Comedy Central took on the pilot project. Black Jack follows the titular Jack, an aging Special Ops agent who crossed the line and gets decommissioned. Because there's only so many ways to say "he's an ex-cop with nothing to lose." Jack must adjust to living a normal life for the first time in two decades.

The single-camera comedy comes from Pineapple Express and Your Highness director David Gordon Green, who will also be an executive producer. Production company Rough House, which counts frequent co-stars Danny McBride and Jody Hill among its founders, will produce the pilot.

Ving Rhames may be the definition of a typecast actor, but in his case it's not necessarily a bad thing. His huge frame and rumbling bass makes him perfect for action roles, but he's also got a likeability that makes him memorable. His major roles include Pulp Fiction, Dawn of the Dead and all three Mission:Impossible movies, where he also played a government agent.

Rhames is not without his fair share of TV credits, either. In addition to the starring role in USA Network's short-lived Kojak revival six years ago, he's had arcs on ER, The District and Gravity. He won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Emmy for his role as the famous boxing promoter in Don King: Only In America.

Ving Rhames in Kojak 2005

Black Jack sounds a lot like a remixed version of USA's Burn Notice - a top agent gets abandoned by his employer and left to fend for himself. While we don't yet know that Jack will be doing after he's discharged, five will get you ten that he goes into the private detective/security business.

The project should start filming soon. With a recognizable actor taking the lead and notable talent behind the camera, Black Jack looks like an easy shoe-in for a season order.

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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