Vincenzo Natali Wants To Make Alpha Flight Movie

As Screen Rant's only Canadian writer I feel it is my duty, no, honor, to report on what could someday become the first movie about the Canadian X-Men. For comics fans out there, you know I'm talking about Alpha Flight.

For those unfamiliar with Alpha Flight, it's one of the few Canadian superhero teams in existence. The characters were introduced in the Uncanny X-Men series back in 1979 as a team working for the fictional Department H of Canada’s Department of National Defence. They deal with people who have special abilities and conveniently, most of the Alpha Flight characters have over-the-top Canadian attributes.

There's Sasquatch who's... a sasquatch (Bigfoot for the American readers) and a little dude named Puck (hockey reference) along with some characters with Inuit or First Nations heritage.

Their most notable character - although he didn't stick around too long - was that of Wolverine, currently the poster boy for the X-Men comics and movies.

Alpha Flight has been making a few headlines due to Splice director Vincenzo Natali expressing interest in making a lower-budget superhero film about the lesser known Alpha Flight members. MTV asked the director if he had any interest in making a comic book movie (outside of Swamp Thing which is on hold) and he name-dropped the team, showing off more of his comic book knowledge.

"I have thought about that a little bit... I'll put this out there: maybe Alpha Flight."

"For those who don't know, Alpha Flight is a Canadian superhero group and it was drawn by one of my favorite Marvel artists, John Byrne... He's a genius."

Maybe it's my biased background but I'd totally be up for an Alpha Flight movie and it would be a great opportunity for Fox to continue expanding its X-Men franchise. They could even use Hugh Jackman to sell it with a cameo appearance of some fashion, maybe tying it in to his next solo flick, Wolverine 2.

Vincenzo Natali is best known for the innovative sci-fi thriller, Cube, but has been making news everywhere while doing press for his upcoming film, Splice, which debuts in two weeks.

Natali's got talent, the knowledge and the interest and he can make a movie on a low budget. Fox, let him do it. In the meantime, we'll have Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class which begins filming this summer for a release next summer.

Any other Alpha Flight supporters out there? Canadian actor Nathan Fillion as Guardian if he doesn't get the Ant-Man role?

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011 and Splice opens June 4, 2010.

Source: MTV

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