Vin Diesel Updates Riddick 3 & Fast Five

Vin Diesel in Riddick 3 and Fast Five

Hours ago, Vin Diesel updated his 7.6 million Facebook fans on the status of the fifth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, and teased the upcoming Riddick 3.

After the incredible success of Fast & Furious, which saw the franchise's original main cast all return, there was now no limit to how many franchise films they could make and how many the characters would return for. So without surprise, Paul Walker revealed a year ago that they'd definitely be returning for a 5th and that they'd be going to Brazil in the movie.

Now comes this update from Vin Diesel which talks about that status of the project and some of the big action set pieces that will take place in the new locale.

"Had a meeting with Justin Lin today regarding the Fast saga... some daring but fascinating thoughts in terms of action set pieces... and relationships, old and new. The team is on their way to Brazil this evening, to scout, and to see what selection of cars there are.

P.s. Will be talking to DT next week, maybe he can let me show some concept art of Riddick... Peace."

Justin Lin directed Fast & Furious and will head up the awesomely-titled sequel, Fast Five. Vin Diesel hinted in his last update on the movie that they'd also be doing a sixth installment (can't wait for it's title) but that's not been confirmed.

Chronicles of Riddick

Since Diesel has been forced to return to his money-making franchises, the one I'm most excited to see him return to is Riddick. We've heard talk about a third live-action installment for a long while now and Diesel confirmed it last month.

It'll be refreshing to see a lower-budget more creative approach and return to form with Riddick 3 to help offset the summer blockbuster eye-candy flick which will be his next Fast & Furious movies and his return to XXX.

The "DT" in Diesel's Facebook update refers to Riddick franchise writer/director David Twohy. I hope that means we get to actually see some of their visual ideas for the next Riddick film. When we hear (or see) more on Riddick, we'll be sure to let you know as soon as it happens.

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