Vin Diesel Talks Potential Superhero (And Villain) Roles

In a recent interview promoting his new film Fast & Furious, muscle-man Vin Diesel spoke about which comic book characters he would like to play if he ever gets the chance. It's no secret that Diesel is a bit higher on the geek-o-meter than you might think just by looking at him - for instance, it is publicly known he is a big Dungeons & Dragons fan (the board game, mind you... not the movie).

He already had his eye on Daredevil at one point, but we obviously know Ben Affleck landed the role instead. In the interview, Diesel has given some thoughts on which types of comic book characters he would like to play. Which are those? Well, namely Sub-Mariner and Doctor Doom.

He didn't explicitly say he would like to play Doctor Doom, but a character much like him:

"I would be [more] apt to play a villain," Diesel revealed to MTV News. "[I'd like to play] the protagonist of a story that is also like a Marvel villain - like Doctor Doom or something."

But going more specific, Diesel expressed interest in pursuing the idea of playing Sub-Mariner:

"I have some superhero favorites," Diesel admitted. "I talked to ['The Surrogates' director] Jonathan Mostow about ‘Sub-Mariner,' which could be interesting because of its World War II-New York connection."

On a related note, over the years there has been some whispers about the Transporter himself Jason Statham possibly playing Sub-Mariner, as well as Daredevil (which comes full circle to Diesel wanting to play that character, too).

Maybe if the rumors about the Fantastic Four franchise is being rebooted come true, then Diesel might have a shot at playing Doctor Doom. I don't know nearly enough about the character from the original comics to say whether he would play a good Doctor Doom or not, but I'm sure there would be a big debate amongst fans about that one.

If you're not that familiar with the character you may find it interesting and rather surprising to find out that he is one of the oldest superhero characters (created in 1939), and thus still respected and rather popular amongst readers. The Sub-Mariner is the ruler of the undersea kingdom of Atlantis - regal and egotistical to the extreme.

By the way, a Sub-Mariner movie is already on its way with Surrogates director Jonathan Mastow rumored to be directing.

I'm not particularly a fan of Diesel - sure, he's entertaining in the right roles (I enjoyed watching him as Riddick, even if the second movie sucked), but he's no thespian. It's strange to have not seen him playing a comic book character long before now - is it just me or does it seem like he was born and bred for that sort of thing?

So do you think Diesel would play a good Sub-Mariner or Doctor Doom? Or should he never be allowed to play any sort comic book role?

Source: MTV Splash Page

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