Vin Diesel & James Gunn Have Discussed Groot Solo Movie

Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy

At the time of Guardians of the Galaxy's 2014 release, many questioned whether or not it would be the film to spell the end of Marvel's burgeoning reign of box office dominance. While that proposition seems kind of silly looking back, the idea that Guardians might flop wasn't entirely unfounded. After all, most non-readers of Marvel Comics had no idea who the titular characters were, and two of those characters were a sentient tree person and a talkative racoon. Needless to say, Guardians went on to earn truckloads of money, and only served to further cement Marvel Studios' position atop the Hollywood heap.

Of all the memorable characters presented in Guardians though, one has always clearly stood out as the fan-favorite: Groot, the aforementioned tree person. Voiced by Vin Diesel, the lovable and noble Groot was able to successfully capture both the hearts and imaginations of audiences worldwide, all the while saying nothing more than variations on the phrase "I am Groot." Guardians of course ended with Groot sacrificing himself to save his friends, but thankfully, part of him was able to be preserved and eventually grow into the adorable baby Groot seen in the crowd-pleasing trailers for upcoming sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

When a character in an ensemble piece proves as popular as Groot has, talk almost always begins concerning a possible spin-off project focusing solely on that character. During a recent interview with MTV International, Diesel - after reiterating his previously-stated desire to have Groot fight the Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War - was asked about the possibility of Groot getting his own movie. While it's not surprising that Diesel himself would clearly love to make one, what is a bit more unexpected is his statement that he and director James Gunn have already discussed the topic. Check out the full interview clip of Diesel below.

As far as what a Groot spin-off movie would actually be about, in the above clip, Diesel mentions how interesting it could be for audiences to get to spend some time on Groot's home planet, and learn more about what makes him who he is. What Diesel doesn't clarify is whether this would be best done as a prequel to present events or a sequel to wherever Groot ends up at the end of Guardians 2/Avengers 3 and 4.

The prequel option might well be the better choice, because as has been made clear, the baby Groot in Guardians 2 is not the exact same Groot fans knew for most of the first film, despite sharing the same genetic material. A prequel could address Groot's early days among his own people, and what ultimately led him to join up with his buddy Rocket and embark on a life of crime. Whichever direction Diesel and Gunn might end up going though, MCU fans would likely happily rush out to theaters to see it. Why? Because they are Groot.

Source: MTV International

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