Last Witch Hunter: Vin Diesel is a Dungeons and Dragons Geek on a Witch Hunt


You said that your D&D character, as a witch hunter, had a small amount of magical ability, does that translate into his spiritual successor on film?

DIESEL: Great question, and something we debated. I mean, for anyone that knows D&D, a witch hunter is obviously a hybrid character and I guess if you really map it out it would be impossible to fight magic without some form of magic, and the great thing about Dungeons and Dragons was that it was able to categorize different forms of magic. So we’ve definitely played with that and attempted to incorporate different levels of it, even for the Michael Caine character, it’s not a full blown priest character but you have to assume that there’s some things, a bonuses constitution, something, that it comes from years and years of prayer and what have you. So I think as the saga continues, as the mythology unfolds, I think we will see.

Is it a more wizard or a sorcerer? I’m sorry I’m asking the nerdiest D&D question [Laughs].

DIESEL: No, no, he would have more of a mysticism spell base. Because the people they’ve been fighting are the ones employing sorcery and necromancy and all those things, so his would be kind of more –When I think of mysticism I think of this kind of more spiritual-based power.

Shamanism kind of?

DIESEL: Kind of shamanistic.

Almost like Constantine, where the comic and the movie he has some ability and can use them to fight against the evil.

DIESEL: Exactly.

What is his style in this movie, are there certain things that your character can do that the others can’t to spell the witches?

DIESEL: Well, yeah because my character is the only one. My character is the only witch hunter, the last witch hunter, without giving away the end that’s gonna play very much into –The title will play very much into the ending. But he’s a bounty hunter that has lived forever and has learned every fighting style and has been able to pick up things from combating these witch lords. Another thing that we’ll see in the future, we’ll see the different escapades of Kaulder fighting witch lords in different continents.

Last Witch Hunter - Vin Diesel Flame Sword

We have a burning question.

DIESEL: Oh, oh, ok. It’s burning a hole in my pocket.

How did he kill the witch queen in Antarctica? Because they said there’s one on every continent, so there’s one in Antarctica. How did he get there to take her out? [Laughs].

DIESEL: A cup of soup? I don’t know. Good question.

I’m looking forward to the graphic novels.

DIESEL: I think the graphic novels are gonna really have…

I can’t wait to see that.


So is he like level 20 or has he gone into prestige classes?

DIESEL: He’s a bad motherfucker…My God. How many level 20s have you played?

We only played one and it was so that we could go take on like the huge dragons and other things, and we dies anyway.

DIESEL: There was a campaign when deities and demigods first came out where we attempted to such insane power so we could walk into Asgard and beat the fuck out of everybody.

The Last Witch Hunter - Witch Tree

It doesn’t work.

DIESEL: It never works. You think you want it and then after about three weeks of playing you’re just like, “Uhm… Let me go back to my second level”.

Do you only play D&D or do you ever play any of the other table tops like Shadow Run or White Wolf?

DIESEL: I mean, there were war games that you’d play obviously and Gary Gaigax would play war games a lot, where he got the point system and the dice system was really influenced by the war games that parents would play initially where they were reenacting WWII, and honestly he’s an interesting guy. Obviously he passed away, but he wanted me to tell this story, which was so surreal… so fucking surreal. It was like this was a God at the time and asking me like, “How do you know me?” Man I wish I could tell you more shit!

When you come back tell us like camping stories like D&D nonsense.


If you ever make the game version of this maybe I’ll try and I’ll play it.

DIESEL: It’s hard right now in the face of technology, and you can tell that Gary Gaigax was kind of fighting the wave of technology because that’s something that you’ll never get again. Because when we played you never had that option, you could never just take on an MMO, you could never download an MMO. So it was it, and if there were humans that you knew that were willing to commit to going into this fantasy world, it was just priceless.

I mean, I used to ride on my bike when I was 15, I grew up on the west side of downtown NY, and in the middle of the night I would ride to pick up my friend just so he would D&D me, just because he didn’t want to walk home, and he was on the other side at a part called holiday; and I would ride my bike at like midnight just to go put him on my handlebars and bring him back to D&D me. And I was like, “When I’m rich, I’ll pay you,” and he’d say to me, “Well, Vin, what would you want in return?” and I’d say,  [in deep, booming, Vin Diesel voice] “Everything."

The Last Witch Hunter will be in theaters on October 23rd.

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