Vin Diesel Wants To Make A Groot Spinoff Movie

Groot (Vin Diesel) in Guardians of the Galaxy

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 now just a week away, Vin Diesel is looking to the future and gunning for a Groot solo movie. When the first Guardians arrived, the presence of a talking tree and raccoon led to cries that Marvel were about to face their first bomb. Of course, the film proved to be a massive hit and Rocket and Groot have since become two of Marvel and Disney's most marketable characters. As such, their futures in the MCU will likely be long, especially considering voice actors Bradley Cooper and Diesel don't have to worry about aging out of the roles.

Thanks to the success of Guardians, the team will not only be showing up in Avengers: Infinity War, but the prospects of them appearing in other films or even spinoffs is high. In the comics, each of the core characters have had their own solo books, following them on adventures separate from the team. Given the popularity of Groot and Diesel's star power, could we someday see a film centering solely on the talking tree?

USA Today spoke with Diesel about the prospect, and he's still very keen on seeing Groot have his own side adventures.

"James Gunn has always wanted a Rocket and Groot movie. And I know that Disney is very much into being successful. And the most successful poster in Disney’s future is the poster that has 'Groot vs. Hulk.' ... (The world) cannot wait to see it."

Guardians Galaxy 2 Rocket Raccoon Baby Groot

While Groot alone in a film would be a tough sell, him teaming up with Rocket would be pure gold. They often have their own separate book in the comics, and Gunn's desire along with Diesel's could make the film a reality. As for Groot vs. Hulk, the distribution rights for the Jade Giant make a solo movie difficult. As such, he'll likely keep popping up in team-up films like the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. While a Groot and Hulk film would likely be light on dialogue, it'd certainly be fun.

Of course, there's no telling what the future will hold for Groot. We've already learned that the version from the first film isn't Groot fully grown, something we'll likely see in Infinity War as it's set four years after Guardians 2. But between the two current versions of Groot, which does Diesel prefer? He says:

"They are one in the same to me. It’s like saying, 'Who do I like better, grade-school Vin or high-school Vin?' Duh, they are the same, but high-school Vin could drive some fast cars."

With word that a potential Guardians 4 would feature a different team, the door is open further for Groot and others to go off on their own. We've already heard whisperings of Nebula getting a spinoff, so Groot and Rocket seems highly likely. And given the growing presence of characters like Howard the Duck, Groot and Rocket would hardly be the weirdest beings in the MCU. For now, we'll just have to make due with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 when it hits U.S. theaters next week.

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Source: USA Today

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