What Vin Diesel Could Look Like As Bloodshot

Following the news that Vin Diesel is in talks for the title role in Sony’s Bloodshot comic book movie, fan art by BossLogic imagines what that casting could look like. The Fast & Furious star and Guardians of the Galaxy voice actor isn’t the first big name to be linked with this role: previous reports pointed to Oscar Isaac and Jared Leto, but Diesel seems to be the frontrunner at this stage.

Sony has long planned to translate the character of Bloodshot, an amnesiac super soldier from the pages of Valiant Comics, onto the big screen. This intention was first announced in 2015, as part of an ambitious Valiant-inspired film slate that would also take inspiration from the Harbinger comics. Directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski, who shot John Wick together, were linked to the Bloodshot project for a time. Eventually, they departed the flick to make way for visual effects expert Dave Wilson, who will shoot the Bloodshot film as his feature-directing debut.

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Reports that Diesel is circling the Bloodshot superhero role were circulated widely earlier in the week, meaning that it was only a matter of time before BossLogic - the world-renowned fan artist - released his take on what Diesel would look like in the role. got the exclusive, before posting the image online for all to see:

BossLogic has carried over numerous iconic elements from the comics, including Bloodshot’s grey skin, black hair, and crimson eyes, as well as that red-on-black costume. Diesel’s stern expression matches this get-up nicely, and the gritty style of the image plays into the reports that screenwriter Eric Heisserer is cooking this up as an R-rated comic book movie, inspired by the success of Fox’s X-Men spinoffs Logan and Deadpool.

However, exciting as it may be to imagine Diesel kicking butt in a R-rated comic book movie riddled with bullets and nanotechnology, it’s worth remembering that his casting has yet to be confirmed. Taking the role would make a lot of sense for Diesel, not least because his Fast & Furious collaborator Neal Moritz has already boarded Bloodshot as a producer. However, as things stand, Diesel is yet to sign on the dotted line and make the deal official.

Until that happens, it might be wise to take all of this with a pinch of salt. After all, Sony has been teasing these Valiant films for years without actually committing to doing anything. Bloodshot doesn’t have a release date yet, either. So even if Diesel does end up taking the role, we might have to wait a while to see him in it.

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