Even though Harley Quinn started out firmly in the slot of being a sidekick to one of the biggest villains in comic books, she has slowly evolved over the years into a much different person. Beyond just the aesthetic changes of Harley, she has also struck out on her own away from the Joker, staked out her own name, and made her own moral choices. Surprisingly enough, this has led to Harley teetering on the border of being a hero nowadays. (And the Joker following suit in recent comics).

One of the big differences that we see in Harley now is that she’s often the one battling the villains. Whether it is as a member of the Suicide Squad or in her solo comics, Harley has switched over to working more and more on the side of the heroes. And even though Harley typically doesn’t have any powers, she’s done pretty well for herself in taking down some of the biggest threats in the world.

If you need more convincing of Harley’s change of heart, here are 15 Villains Harley Quinn Has Completely Destroyed.


joker harley beatdown 15 Villains Harley Quinn Has Beaten

The Joker and Harley Quinn have had a number of fights, particularly in more recent years. In the early days it was typically the Joker who came out victorious since Harley was so fixated on trying to please him and be there for him.

Ever since she’s struck out on her own, though, Harley has realized she doesn’t need the Joker and his twisted world view, so now she’s not afraid to fight back anymore. There was no instance when this was more apparent than in Harley Quinn #25 which provided her most definitive beat down of her former love.

Harley can’t resist going to speak to the Joker in his prison cell, but things quickly devolve when he attacks her, making it plain he intends to end her life. Harley doesn’t tolerate it this time, though, and she fights back and overpowers him.

When the Joker goes to kiss her, Harley even bites off part of his lip. Harley leaves the Joker bloodied and beaten in his cell, walking away the winner in the physical fight as well as the psychological one.


Harley Quinn and Scarecrow in Arkham video game 15 Villains Harley Quinn Has Beaten

Fans of Injustice 2 got to see a pretty rare encounter when Harley Quinn wound up having to face off against the Scarecrow. In an alternate timeline where heroes and villains have developed new allegiances following Superman’s descent into tyranny, Gotham’s usual criminals could no longer count each other as allies.

Harley was working for the resistance against Superman, so that made her an enemy of the Scarecrow. Who would have thought a fight between two psychiatrists could get so intense?

Although Harley easily defeated Crane in the physical fight, the Scarecrow also pushed Harley into a mental battle. After a dose of Crane’s latest toxin, Harley came face to face with an illusion of the deceased Joker looking to exert control over Harley all over again.

Even this ultimate test was not enough to defeat Harley, though, and she overcame the Scarecrow’s illusion to win the fight against her bad memories.