What To Expect From Vikings Season 6

Vikings season 6 will mark the end of History’s bloody historical drama – here's everything fans should expect from the show’s final season. Vikings initially followed the adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), charting his many battles and the complicated relationships within his family. The show quickly became must-watch TV due to the great cast and unflinching look into the Viking lifestyle. Of course, history buffs will have known the eventual fate of Ragnar, and in season 4 the character met a bleak demise.

Losing the main star of the show could have spelled trouble, but Vikings season 5 proved there were many more stories to tell. Season 5 acted as something of a soft reboot, shifting focus to the conflict between Ragnar's sons and introduced new characters like warrior priest Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Vikings has been something of a flagship show for History since it debuted in 2013 and the series has consistently had healthy ratings. Since all good things must come to an end, History has confirmed Vikings season 6 will bring the saga to a close.

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Before the final battles begin, here’s everything fans should expect from Vikings season 6.

History Renewed Vikings For A Final Season

Alex Hogh Andersen in Vikings

History has confirmed Vikings season 6 will close out the saga. Like season 5, the last season will be 20 episodes and will be split into two parts. Creator Michael Hirst promises the final series will be a very emotional one too, so longtime fans should brace themselves for some heartbreak and major deaths.

What Is The Story Of Vikings Season 6?

Kathryn Winnick in Vikings Season 5 History

Little has been revealed about the plot for Vikings season 6 thus far. Katheryn Winnick’s Queen Lagertha will return, at least for the first half of the season. A seer once prophesized she would eventually die by a son of Ragnar, suggesting she won’t make it to the end of season 6. Ragnar’s brother Rollo and Ivar the Boneless will also be back, with the latter expected to be a major focus of the final series.

Vikings season 6 will also introduce Oleg the Prophet, played by Danila Kozlovsky, suggesting the kingdom of the Rus-Vikings will play a big part in season 6. Michael Hirst has also teased season 6 will feature some unexpected revelations,

When Will Vikings Season 6 Air?

Clive Standen in Vikings Season 5

An airdate has yet to be set for Vikings season 6. Speculation suggests the first half of the series will air in late 2019, with November being the current bet. The last season will be a major event, so it will be heavily advertised by History when an airdate is locked down.

A Vikings Spinoff Series Is In Development

Vikings Season 4 Finale

Fans dreading the end of the saga with Vikings season 6 shouldn’t despair, because it was confirmed a spinoff was in development when the final series was announced. There are no concrete details on what the premise of the spinoff will be or if any major characters will feature for it. Michael Hirst promises the new show will be a continuation of the saga but is currently keeping plot details a closely-guarded secret.

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