Vikings: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (And 5 They Rejected)

Television has become enamored with shows about kings and queens, bloody battles, and the politics and drama behind it all. While Game of Thrones had a fantasy setting, this soon-to-be-ending juggernaut, Vikings, set their violent clashes on the viking raids of Europe. There's so much going on in the show that allegiances and marriages change quickly from war to war.

Some of the relationships made the show better, but others were vehemently despised by fans, dragging the show down. Sometimes these couples could even make or break fan-favorite characters or season ratings.

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10 Behind: Ragnar & Lagertha

Before Ragnar became the great explorer or leader he became, he loved, married, and started a family with the beautiful shield-maiden Lagertha. They loved each other deeply like they loved no one else. Even when the Earl opposed him, Ragnar was willing to risk his own life to protect her and his children.

Eventually, though, his desire for his fated legacy breaks him down more than the thought of betraying his wife. When Lagertha can't give him sons, he turns to Aslaug. And, when she refuses his offer of marrying both women, she rejects him. Ragnar chooses his new child and wife. Fans adored this couple that clearly loved each other most all along, even though "fate" ripped them apart.

9 Rejected: Athelstan & Judith

One of the most bizarre twists in Vikings was when Athelstan suddenly forsook his vows of celibacy to be with Judith, a married princess. Their affair was brief but passionate, resulting in a son, Alfred. Unfortunately, Athelstan never met his son because he was cut down by Floki.

Considering fans preferred the bromance between Athelstan and Ragnar, no one was too excited about this ill-advised romance. Even if fans warmed to Judith over the years, her relationship with the priest was never a favorite.

8 Behind: Bjorn & Torvi

Bjorn has gone through quite a few wives, but none of them were as beloved as Torvi. She was a shield-maiden married to many powerful men. First, Jarl Borg, then Erlendur, a proverbial prince of Denmark, and most recently Bjorn, son of Ragnar. In the violence of the Paris siege, Torvi falls in love with Bjorn instead of her abusive new husband. To protect Bjorn she even ends Erlundur's life. Afterward, the pair married and had 4 children.

The pair were devoted and one of the most wholesome and likable relationships in the show. Unfortunately, Bjorn, like his father, has abandoned his wife for another.

7 Rejected: Ivar & Freydis

Ivar became a serious villain on Vikings when he betrayed his brothers, and by his side is the beautiful Freydis. She was captured by the vikings, but her confidence and cunning impressed Ivar, so he married her. The coupling didn't end well, though, when he abandoned her baby in the forest and she betrayed him for it.

While Freydis can be fascinating, manipulating her way into safety and power, their relationship is toxic at best. No wonder fans would reject Ivar and Freydis together. Granted, they'd probably reject any relationship Ivar was in.

6 Behind: Rollo & Gisla

Rollo always had a complicated relationship with romance. Unlike the other men in his family, who were known for having several marriages, Rollo only married once. He didn't marry just anyone, though. After the viking siege of Paris, he marries the Frankish princess, Gisla. Though their relationship starts off rocky, he does everything he can to win the heart of his wife and succeeds.

Even though Rollo betrays his brother way too often, the way he treats his wife shows a softer, devoted side of him that fans have seen little of. Their marriage is the core of their campaign against the vikings, led to their children, and might be the most stable bond on the show. Fans may root for the vikings, but it's kinda easy to root for Rollo and his wife, too.

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5 Rejected: Bjorn & Porunn

Bjorn is often a fan favorite, but his romantic choices aren't always just as loved. His first love, Porunn, was a servant girl that he decided he loved. The power dynamic in their relationship was a little uneven and she was wishy-washy about her feelings for him most of the time. Her only true goals were to be a shield-maiden.

After giving him a daughter instead of a son, Porunn abandoned her beloved husband and has been missing ever since. Considering how confusing the relationship was for the characters themselves, of course the fans rejected it. Most people just focus on Bjorn's romance with Torvi (which has hit its own tragedies).

4 Behind: Astrid & Lagertha

After Ragnar chose his unborn child with Aslaug over Lagertha, she and Bjorn left him. However, that didn't stop fans from adoring Lagertha. Neither did it stop her from being an important player in the Viking world. During her time away from Ragnar, Lagertha had many other lovers. However, few were as fan-supported as her romance with Astrid. These two shield-maiden bonded on the battlefield, and it turned into something more.

Though their relationship didn't last, it was passionate, steamy, and fans were totally behind it.

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3 Rejected: Ubbe & Margrethe

When the sons of Ragnar were teens, they all spent time with the slave Margrethe when they wanted to "roll in the hay" a bit. All four of them had many fun nights with her.

Despite the fact they all used Margrethe, though, Ubbe was the only one to marry her. He freed her from slavery and took her as his own. The marriage between the two was bizarre at best; Margrethe loved his brother more, they didn't seem to have much of a romance, and Ubbe was Ragnar's second eldest. If not for love, Ubbe would have been better off saving his hand for a political marriage. Maybe his kiss with Torvi will lead somewhere in season 6?

2 Behind: Floki & Helga

While most of the characters on Vikings are flexible about sex, they all are pretty deliberate about marriage versus fun. However, breaking every other precedent, Helga and Floki spent a large part of their relationship fairly monogamously committed to one another, but unmarried and without children. When they finally did get married, it didn't seem rushed or forced, just cute and right.

Fans loved their sweet, simple, devoted relationship among all the high drama of all other couples. If only it didn't end in such a horrible tragedy.

1 Rejected: Ragnar & Aslaug

The relationship between Ragnar and Aslaug set of countless conflicts between characters that didn't need to happen. Worse, the show makes it clear that Ragnar never cared for her as much as he did Lagertha; he just wanted his legacy of sons.

Daughter of Sigurd and Brynhildr or not, Princess Aslaug was not very well received as a character or as a love interest. It's no surprise that her marriage wanes and fans cheered for Lagertha taking the throne from her. Ragnar and Aslaug happened only so that he could have more sons. While fans love those characters now, it doesn't make the relationship better.

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