Vikings: 20 Wild Revelations About Ragnar And Lagertha's Relationship

There are couples that come around every so often in television series or movies that we want to see remain together at the end. These couples are often made up of  strong characters who face tragedy and strife to be together. Sometimes they make it, while other times they don't. However, they still end up becoming stronger for it. Lagertha and Ragnar from History Channel's Vikings are one of these couples. From the first season of the series, fans fell in love with the young couple and their family. Lagertha was an intelligent and skilled shield maiden, while Ragnar was an ambitious and equally skilled warrior. Together, they were a force of nature. However, the two would not remain happy forever.

Though Ragnar and Lagertha separate over the course of the series, viewers are still drawn to them and the connection that they have. All the while, fans were holding out hope that they would be reunited. However, as with every relationship, things weren't always perfect for the two characters, but they managed to balance each other. Lagertha and Ragnar always made things interesting, whether they were together or apart.

With that said, here are the 20 Wild Revelations About Ragnar and Lagertha's Relationship.

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20 He Isn't Bjorn's Father

Going back to season 1, fans theorized that Rollo may have had a larger part in Bjorn's life. With his return in part two of season 5, we finally received an answer to this question. In a plea to make Lagertha and Bjorn safe, Rollo offers to bring them to Francia. He tells them that they will never want for anything ever again. When Lagertha questions his motives, Rollo reveals that he knows Bjorn is his son. Lagertha tries to deny this, but ultimately cannot.

This revelation does not work in Rollo's favor, however, as Bjorn turns down the offer. Bjorn is still filled with rage and contempt because Rollo helped Ivar. He tells Rollo that though he may be his father, it is Ragnar who he is the most like. As a viewer, however, Bjorn's most recent trajectory is much more like a younger Rollo, than Ragnar. We will have to wait and see what else may come of this revelation.

19 She was Content as a Farmer

Vikings History Channel Lagertha Ragnar Katheryn Winnick Travis Fimmel

Though she is far from the quiet life of a farmer now, Lagertha was content with her and Ragnar's former life. Lagertha took comfort in their life on a farm. They had what they needed and they had each other. Lagertha often looked after things when Ragnar was gone and protect her family. In season 4, Ragnar says to Lagertha, "in my mind, I wished I never left the farm." This brings Lagertha to tears, as she longed for that life back, and never wanted to leave it in the first place.

When King Ecbert provides them with land to settle, Lagertha is overjoyed at the possibility of farming again. Now, in the wake of her madness, she wishes to return to that life. We will see if Lagertha gets this chance before the series ends next year.

18 He Was Always Curious About The World

Ragnar was a dreamer and was always driven towards exploration. He was always searching for and wondering about what else was out there in the world. This held true for not only land, but also women. When Ragnar set his sites on a new unknown, there was no changing his focus. Ragnar sought to sail west to new lands and had the loyalty of his men, who followed him without hesitation. When Ragnar meets Aslaug, his curiosity about her ends up destroying his marriage to Lagertha.

While Lagertha was content with the life that they had and did not seek the unknown, she supported Ragnar and followed his lead. Ragnar was constantly searching and looking for something more.

17 He Fought for Her Hand

In season 1, Ragnar tells Bjorn a story about how he won Lagertha's hand. Ragnar says, "I went to confess my love to her, but I was set upon by a bear and an enormous hound who guarded her home." Ragnar slew the bear and strangled the hound, and thus impressed Lagertha enough to marry him. Ragnar then asks Bjorn if his mother had told him the story, to which he says, "something like that."

Some have argued that the "bear" Ragnar fought was his brother Rollo, who also sought Lagertha's hand. Rollo was known as "Bear," and since he had professed his love for Lagertha, this could make sense. However, the hound is still a mystery.

16 His Brother Secretly Loved her

In season 1, Rollo does not shy away from telling Lagertha that he loves her and is still saddened that she chose his brother over him. Throughout the series, Rollo seeks love and admiration. This is perhaps to fill the void that was left by losing the woman he loved to Ragnar. Rollo eventually marries Princess Gisla, however, thanks to an agreement made between her father and Ragnar.

Despite this marriage and their three children, though, Rollo's love for Lagertha has never wavered. Many of the decisions that Rollo made prior to arriving in Francia were because of Lagertha. When his character returned in part two of season 5, he yet again professed his love for her.

15 He Was Drawn To Her Because Of Her Fighting Skills

Ragnar first saw Lagertha during a battle and was instantly smitten. Lagertha was fighting along the front lines and had more skill than a majority of the male warriors. It was this skill as a fighter that drew him to her. Though they never faced each other in a battle, odds are high that the show will end with a toss-up.

Ragnar and Lagertha are both fearless fighters who can lead armies to success in battle. They are able to not only engage in swordplay, but also understand the mechanics of battle. This plays a huge role in their ability to win battles. Ragnar always valued Lagertha's input when it came to making strategic decisions. Aside from the sword or ax, they both are also very skilled at understanding battles strategically. Like a game of chess, Lagertha and Ragnar often thought of futures moves and would move their present plans accordingly.

14 He trusted Athelstan more than her

Few things were as dear to Ragnar as his family, or at least this was the case  until he met a priest who could speak the Viking language. Athelstan's life was spared, thanks to Ragnar, and he was brought back to Kattegat as a slave. Ragnar was intrigued by this strange monk. Eventually, the two formed a bond and a trust that was unlike any other Ragnar had experienced. When Ragnar agreed to let Lagertha go with him on a raid, Athelstan was entrusted with protecting the children and farm. Ragnar confided in Athelstan and shared many things that he wouldn't even share with Lagertha.

Ragnar allowed himself to be vulnerable to Athelstan, something that he would never be around his wife, sons, or brother. Ragnar trusted Athelstan more than anyone else, including Lagertha. When Athelstan eventually meets his end, Ragnar is changed forever. He is conflicted between two very different religions, and two parts of himself: the dreamer and the pillager. Ragnar no longer has anyone to seek guidance from.

13 He Was Promised Many Sons

Vikings Hvitserk Bjorn Ivar Ragnar Ubbe Sigurd Season 4

In season 1, we learn of a prophecy that states that Ragnar will have many sons. Lagertha prays to Freya for fertility so that he may fulfill this prophecy. Following a miscarriage and a visit to the Seer, though, Lagertha realizes that she will not be the one to carry Ragnar's foretold sons. Knowing the prophecy for himself, Ragnar prays to Odin for guidance, asking for a sign about who will bear his sons. Aslaug then comes into the picture.

In Viking culture, fate and prophecies played a huge role. They believed that life was already planned out for everyone and that they would receive signs. Following a different path than the one that was set forth by the gods was not done. Therefore, the prophecy of many sons meant that Ragnar would have to create them with a woman who wasn't Lagertha. Though it was heartbreaking, Lagertha knew that this was the will of the gods.

12 They Had Physical Arguments

While married, Ragnar and Lagertha often got into physical altercations with each other. Most often, these stemmed from something Ragnar had done that enraged Lagertha. She would respond with force and as a shieldmaiden. After all, Lagertha was stronger than most wives. Ragnar loved this fire in Lagertha, though it often left them both hurting. However, their anger and rage would eventually evolve into passion.

This first happened when Ragnar refused to let Lagertha sail west with him. Lagertha did not hold back and decided to show him just how angry she was. Though she was content as a farmer, she had been trained as a shield maiden. The two had always dreamed of sailing west together and she was offended when Ragnar told her she couldn't go with him.

11 He Wanted Two Wives

When faced with the arrival of Aslaug in Kattegat, Ragnar toys with the idea of having two wives. He suggests it in the great hall while the two women are on either side of him. Ragnar goes to the Seer and tells him that he loves both women and wants to have two wives. The Seer tells him a story about a princess who chooses to marry a god because of their feet. Ragnar is confused and says that he does not want to choose. He says that both women are so different and that he loves them both.

The Seer tells Ragnar that he must look into their hearts and every other organ in their bodies in order to choose. He then follows this up by telling Ragnar that he is only fooling himself if he thinks the decision is up to him. However, Ragnar remembers that a prophecy promised him many sons and he knows that only one of the two women could fulfill it.

10 Love Wasn't Enough For Them

Love is not always enough to keep people together. This is especially true for Lagertha and Ragnar. Their lives are heavily ruled by what has been fated for them. When Ragnar began leading the people of Kattegat, their personal relationship began to unravel. Unlike life on the farm, they now had important duties that they had to uphold for their people.

When the series began, Lagertha and Ragnar were young farmers with two children. When Ragnar became Earl, everything changed. They suffered the loss of their daughter while Ragnar was away. This created a wedge between the two and though they loved each other, it was not the same for them after.

9 He became depressed

Ragnar sought to become a great Viking who would be mentioned in stories and legend. He was even disheartened when the Seer told him that his sons would be more notorious than him. However, Ragnar also sought to learn more about the world and the heavens. Since he and Athelstan were so close, Ragnar becomes a broken man following the untimely passing of his best friend. He spirals into a guilt-filled abyss. During this time, Ragnar becomes addicted to a mind-altering leaf that is provided by Yidu. This prevents him from feeling anything or thinking about what he has los, and what is to come.

In season 4, following defeat in Paris, Ragnar disappears from Kattegat for 10 years. When he returns, Ragnar feels unwelcome by the people he once led. He challenges his sons to put him out of his misery and fight him for the kingship. Only Ubbe steps forward, and Ragnar embraces him.

8 They Made Bjorn Choose Sides

Vikings History Channel Ragnar Bjorn Lagertha

As the son of two strong-willed individuals, Bjorn often found himself in the middle of Ragnar and Lagerth. He often had to break up fights between his parents when he was a child. Bjorn was on the journey with his father when Aslaug came into the picture and he did not agree with or like the fact that his father was having an affair. He saw it as a betrayal to his mother. Upon their return to Kattegat, Bjorn tells his mother about Aslaug.

When Lagertha decides to leave Ragnar, she allows Bjorn to choose whether he wants to go with her or stay in Kattegat. Initially, he says that he will stay with his father. However, he then changes his mind. Years later, Bjorn and Lagertha come to Ragnar's aid to regain Kattegat from Jarl Borg. Bjorn, now 18, decides to stay with his father. Though these were difficult decisions to make, Lagertha and Ragnar always allowed Bjorn to make them. They never forced his hand.

7 She Never Stopped Loving Him

Regardless of the time that passed or deeds that were done by Ragnar, Lagertha never stopped loving him. During season 3, Ragnar plays possum to gain entry into Paris. Unaware, Lagertha professes her love to Ragnar's casket. “If you’ve gone to heaven, then we will never meet again. And yet, I think Odin will ride like the wind and rescue you, and take you to Valhalla where you belong. And there we shall meet again, and fight, and drink, and love one another,” she says.

Following Ragnar's actual passing, Lagertha sees his ghost. She pleads with him to continue to haunt her, but the apparition disappears. Lagertha may have had two more husbands since Ragnar, as well as a relationship with Heahmund, but she has always loved him. In this season, we see Lagertha become tormented by visions of Ragnar's passing.

6 He Was Extremely Ambitious


Ragnar was an extremely ambitious man and Viking. He wanted to find new lands for his people to settle and farm. Ragnar sought to better the lives of his people. It was this ambition, however, that would change everything between him and Lagertha.

As he raided and became more notorious, their marriage became more and more of an afterthought. Ragnar began to take Lagertha for granted and thus only realized the impact of losing her when it was too late. Ragnar was a strong antihero who gained near god-like status amongst Vikings. This drove his desire to go further and conquer more lands. His ambition was further fueled by Athelstan, who educated Ragnar about other lands in the west. However, following the loss of Athelstan, Ragnar lost the ambition he once had.

5 They Were Close Friends

Lagertha and Ragnar not only loved each other as husband and wife, but they also had a deep connection as friends. It may not have been as strong as his friendship with Athelstan, but it was still important to the two. Ragnar always had the support and loyalty of Lagertha, and this continued after she left him. Against her new husband's wishes, she gathered a force to fight alongside Ragnar. She believed in his dreams and sought to help him accomplish them.

Since she was no longer his wife, Lagertha became someone who Ragnar could complain to about his new wife. Lagertha's strength and will made her more of a peer to Ragnar. They knew each other before all of the ambition and chaos that later shaped their world. This made Lagertha and Ragnar trusted allies.

4 They Made Each Other Stronger

Whether married or divorced, it was obvious that Lagertha and Ragnar were stronger side by side. Lagertha was a skilled shield maiden and was a powerful player to have on Ragnar's side. More than that, though, her presence encouraged Ragnar and gave him confidence. She would do anything for him and he knew that. Their marriage may not have lasted, but her loyalty would always be to him. When they fought in battles together, they added to the others' strength and will. This was especially true when Bjorn also joined them on the battlefield.

Upon their separation, Lagertha was often at Ragnar's table, helping him figure out how to best attack their enemies. He valued her input and level head. The two balanced each other.

3 He Didn't Always Treat Her Right

Let's face it, Ragnar was not always the best husband to Lagertha. Their relationship, whether together or not, was often one-sided. After Lagertha helped Ragnar regain Kattegat, she asked him for aid. Lagertha needed his help to retake her Earldom after she was betrayed while fighting with Ragnar. One would think that he would gladly help her after what she had just done for him. However, Ragnar said no and left her to deal with it alone.

Also, it's hard to forget that Ragnar also had an affair with Aslaug, and expected Lagertha to be accepting of her. He didn't understand why Lagertha would leave him without talking to him after he proposed that he take to wives.

2 She Always Believed That Everything Was In The Hands Of The Gods

In the Viking culture, fate was what decided everything. They believed that certain events were predetermined by the gods. During the series, there are many times when fate is brought up. In fact, most characters, such as Lagertha and Ragnar, are driven by it.

Lagertha believes that it is her fate to leave Ragnar when Aslaug arrives in Kattegat. Like many other characters on the show, they both go to the Seer on numerous occasions for guidance. Though not often clear, the Seer tells them that everything is fated by the gods and their decisions are not their own. This belief carried into all aspects of Viking life, including when someone left this world for Valhalla.

1 They Had An Open Bedroom

Ragnar and Lagertha had an open bedroom. This topic created a a lot of debate when the series first started. On more than one occasion, Lagertha and Ragnar invited others to join them in the bedroom. However, this was never done because they loved other people. Instead, it was simply done because they both enjoyed it and wanted to have fun. Perhaps they believed that the more people they invited, the merrier it would be.

However, there has yet to be any historical evidence about this aspect of Viking culture that has been depicted on the series. That being said, it provided another level to the relationship between Ragnar and Lagertha. They were passionate about about trying new things together.


Are there any other interesting facts about Ragnar and Lagertha's relationship on Vikings? Let us know in the comments!

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