20Lothbrok Isn't Even A Last Name

Vikings Hvitserk Bjorn Ivar Ragnar Ubbe Sigurd Season 4

An interesting aspect of the culture from Scandinavia involves the last names of the men and their sons. The last name of the father would be bestowed on the sons in a possessive form.  For example, in the case of Thor, his father was Odin, and his name was

Thor Odinson (i.e., Odin’s son). The same would hold true for the Vikings of the series. However, not only was the last name for Ragnar’s children used incorrectly, but it wasn’t even a real last name.

On the series, the last name of Lothbrok did not follow these traditions. Also, “Lothbrok” is actually a nickname for Ragnar himself which mean “shaggy breeches.” Their true last names would be “Ragnarsson."

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