The Worst Thing Each Main Character From Vikings Has Done

In the thunderous wake of Game of Thrones, shows like Vikings have scrambled to take its place. As the seasons chug along, fans can debate all they want the highlights, worst moments, and how the show is doing. However, what isn't debatable is the fact that every main character of the show has done some awful things over the years.

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As Vikings heads into its newest season, let's look back to see what some of these protagonists have done. After all, even heroes can make villainous decisions. Especially in a complex, highly violent, and political world like this one.

Here are The Worst Thing Each Main Character From Vikings Has Done.

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10 Ragnar

Even though Ragnar started off a pretty sketchy guy, willing to sacrifice sweet Athelstan, he ended up a fan favorite. Ever since he was axed, viewers have sorely missed him. He's made a lot of mistakes in his time, but the one with the largest repercussions, hands down, is the fact that he's a pretty bad dad. Oftentimes, he's not around. Worse, when he is around he teaches them questionable things about cruelty and power. Since then, his sons have wreaked havoc among Vikings and Englishmen, razing cities and seeking power. They even in-fight, only causing more bloodshed. If he had bothered to teach them a little bit of his open-minded inclusivity, the world would be better off.

9 Lagertha

Lagertha gets the short stick when it comes to Ragnar. Not only did he cheat on her, but tried to bring another woman into their marriage without her permission. Then, after their divorce, he only goes off and becomes the most powerful viking. It's no wonder that she's vengeful and bitter after that.

However, Lagertha takes that revenge to its most bitter end in the murder of Aslaug. Not only does she off the wife of the Earl, but she takes power despite the rightful heirs being any of Ragnar's sons (including her own). Uprooting her people's power structure like that, and committing such a one-sided assault, is a pretty awful thing to do.

8 Bjorn

At first glance, Bjorn seems pretty tame out of all the main characters. His greatest offense is being one serious womanizer. However, a lot of the characters are. The problem with Bjorn's exploits, though, are the ladies that he picks. A lot of Bjorn's affairs are with women currently or previously married to powerful men. This causes a lot more political conflict than most anything he else does.

All he has to do is resists queens and Earl's wives. Why is that so hard for him to do?

7 Floki

While Floki was never the most stable-minded character, fans still appreciated him for his support of Ragnar and moments of brilliance. However, Floki truly seems to go off the rails in his devotion in season 3. Out of pure jealousy, he seeks out Athelstan. The monk's close brotherhood with Ragnar has sparked severe envy in the viking. In his rage and frustration, he strikes Athelstan down while he prays.

Between Athelstan's kind heart and fan favoritism, Floki did a horrible, unforgivable thing that day. When Athelstan turned back towards God, Floki turned deeper towards selfish anger. They both deserved better (especially Athelstan).

6 Rollo

Despite their brotherhood, Rollo and Ragnar aren't exactly known for their loyalty. Well, Rollo, at least. His greatest sin, throughout the series for using Ragnar's unprecedented trust in him for his own gain. Then, of course, he betrays his brother without fail. No wonder they have such a combative nature towards one another.

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However, despite their disagreements, the brother never seem to be able to cut each other down on the battlefield. When it comes to combat, they always seem prone to sparing one another. Considering how much good they do together, Rollo does his worst by constantly betraying Ragnar's trust and hurting the viking people that follow him.

5 King Ecbert

Most kings are obsessed with dynasty, but not King Ecbert. Instead, he prefers perceived goodness. The second he meets Athelstan, he prefers his worldliness, godliness, and morals of those of his own son, even though his son is a pretty good guy. Ecbert believes in Athelstan so much so that he chooses Athelstan's son over his own grandson as heir. Despite knowing of Judith's infidelity, and even Athelstan's from his faith, he thinks Alfred is a better fit for king than his own bloodline.

Poor Aethelwulf and Aethelred both deserved better than that. His choice only made Aethelred bitter and helped lead to his own end.

4 Ivar The Boneless

All of Ragnar's sons have made serious mistakes, but none are as ruthless and terrible as Ivar The Boneless. Crippled as a child, no one expected much out of him. Regardless, though, Ivar worked hard and tirelessly to live up to his father's name. The good part was it made him strong. The bad part was that it made him cold, underhanded, and conniving. Ultimately, the worst thing Ivar has ever done was turn against the weakness of his own blood.

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He sacrificed the bonds with his brothers for power, he slayed Sigurd without a second though, and he abandoned his own infant son because he was disfigured. Not only did he hurt his own family, but he set a heartless, bloodthirsty example for all the vikings that followed him.

3 Judith

Vikings has always been a show filled with juicy affairs and violence. However, few couplings were as surprising as Athelstan and Judith. Judith was a wholesome princess and Athelstan was a devout, celibate Christian. Without much prompting, though, she cheated on her husband and he on her.

Judith's devotion to Athelstan only got stronger when she became pregnant. Now, their child was the only thing that mattered to her. She lost an ear over it and had to repent. Also, she fully supported Ecbert choosing Alfred over her royal son, Aethelred, for king.

And ultimately, when Aethelred became understandably bitter about his situation, she was willing to poison him to protect her illegitimate son.

2 Hvitserk

Many of Ragnar's sons are leaders, but that's not Hvitserk. A great viking warrior, otherwise he looks for someone to lead him in life. When he idolized Ubbe, he was the most lighthearted of his siblings. However, once his allegiances changed, so did parts of his personality. That indecisiveness has led him to make the greatest mistake of his life; bringing Ivar to power. Despite being older than Ivar, Hvitserk and Sigurd were convinced to help their malevolent and crazed younger brother. Their help assisted in making him, cruel and selfish, a great power in the lands and over the viking people. If only he stood his own ground, maybe there would be less sacrifices (including his own brother, Sigurd).

1 Athelstan

For most of his time beside Ragnar, Athelstan is defined by his faith. He loses his way for awhile, but even then he still has a semblance of belief. During his time under King Ecbert, Athelstan becomes a great asset to the nobility. He teaches them the things he has learned in his travels and with the vikings. While there, he meets and falls in love with Judith, the young bride of the prince.

Despite his previous faith, and despite the danger it puts her in, he encourages an affair between them. Even though being together could get them both killed, and her eventual pregnancy effectively upends the hierarchy there, he commits this act against his vows. For such a holy man, its easily the worst and most reckless thing he does.

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