Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick Wants to Play Black Canary in the DCEU

Katheryn Winnick in Vikings

All this week on The CW, the DC heroes from their various shows have come together in a major crossover event, forming something of a Justice League (they even hang out in a veritable Hall of Justice, though it isn't actually called that). In roughly one year, the DC Extended Universe will assemble its own team of heroes for Justice League, a cinematic first for DC Comics. Yet, unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which also includes ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Netlflix line-up of Marvel shows, there are no ties between the DC Extended Universe and the CW/DC shows or Arrowverse.

The live-action DC Comics properties are separate entities, and while that may be frustrating for fans, it does make it possible for multiple versions of characters to exist. For instance, Henry Cavill's Superman not your cup of tea? Why not catch Tyler Hoechlin on Supergirl. Do you find The Flash's Grant Gustin irksome as Barry Allen? Then wait for Ezra Miller to take on the role in Justice League. Superheroes aren't going away anytime soon, which means new interpretations of our favorite characters will keep coming for years to come. (We are on our third Spider-Man in just 14 years, after all.)

Of their upcoming projects, the proposed solo Harley Quinn/Birds of Prey movie holds the most promise for introducing new live-action versions of DC characters. For instance, both Black Canary and Huntress - two regular Birds of Prey who have already appeared within the Arrowverse - will need to be cast anew before they can appear alongside Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn - and we've just learned of our first interested party: Viking's Katheryn Winnick.

The Lagertha actress gave her input during a recent Twitter Q & A where she was asked if she'd be interested in playing Black Canary if Warner Bros. made a Green Arrow movie. Winnick responded enthusiastically, tweeting:

Hell ya

— Katheryn Winnick (@KatherynWinnick) November 30, 2016

Batgirl Birds of Prey Rebirth Canary

A Green Arrow movie certainly isn't out of the question, but he currently isn't a character being developed for the DCEU. Still, with a Birds of Prey movie already in the scripting phase, Winnick's hopes of playing Black Canary shouldn't be discounted. She may or may not be all that familiar with the character herself, but just about every savvy actor has their eye on a superhero role and Black Canary would be a great fit for Winnick. After all, thanks to Vikings she's more than familiar with playing a fierce but compassionate warrior, which sure sounds a lot of like Dinah Lance.

Previously, there were rumors of Black Canary (or rather two Black Canaries) appearing in Justice League as a sort of setup for the then only rumored Birds of Prey movie. That hasn't seemed to pan out, though it's obviously still a possibility. But given the backlash Batman V Superman received for the amount of universe-building setup it contained, choosing to introduce Black Canary and the rest of the Birds in a film involving only one already known (and extremely popular) character is probably the better way to go.

Would you like to see the Birds of Prey make the crossover from the small screen to the big screen? What do think of Katheryn Winnick for the DCEU's Black Canary? Let us hear from you in the comments!

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