20 Vikings Fan Theories That Are So Crazy (But Might Be True)

*Spoiler Alert! This article mentions events that took place in the latest episodes of Season 5 of Vikings*

There's something to be said about fan theories. Having just completed its fifth season, the History Channel's Vikings series realized the longtime fan theories that Björn would eventually become king of Kattegat and that Hvitserk would turn against Ivar. Even more notably, however, the series all but confirmed the popular theory that Rollo is actually Björn's real father. While fans will most likely never know for sure what Björn's parentage is (there are no DNA tests in this time period, and Lagertha herself seems unsure due to the timing), the mere fact that this fan theory was acknowledged as a possibility is significant. After all, it's something that many have suspected since as far back as season one.

But while this may be one case where a prediction among viewers came true, it's worth noting that most theories about TV shows among their fanbases are just that: theories. It's always fun to predict secret connections between characters or what will happen in the future of the plotline, but we all know that most of these ideas will stay on the message boards and off the screen. A lot of fan theories are even just too incredible to ever be real, often seeming to point their focus at random and making huge leaps when it comes to evidence. Particularly when it comes to shows like Vikings, that have large ensemble casts and numerous A plots and B plots to intertwine, it's not uncommon to see fan theories that are truly out there.

That said, this is a show that could still go in any number of directions. Even with the announcement that the sixth season will be its last, it's exciting to think that maybe, just maybe, we'll get to see some more fan theories play out over the final episodes. This is 20 Vikings Fan Theories That Are So Crazy (But Might Be True).

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20 Ragnar Lives!

This theory might be among the craziest of them all, and every fan theory post we came across on it was followed by comments of ridicule from other fans who assured that there is no way Ragnar survived that pit of snakes. But let’s entertain this idea for just a moment, shall we? We never actually saw his body, and if King Aella and his men left it in the pit, there would most likely be some bones or at least some traces of a body left in there. Yet when we saw the pit opened later on, there was nothing. While there are numerous fan discussions on Reddit about this very subject, this one in particular debates what could have happened to his body and why it didn't make much sense for nothing at all to be left in the pit by the time Ragnar's sons saw it.

19 Sigurd Also Lives!

We all remember Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye. We all saw Ivar throw that axe straight into his chest. Even though the outspoken son of Ragnar briefly remained upright and even made an (impressive) attempt to go after Ivar in his final moments, it was pretty obvious that Sigurd was done for once he collapsed and didn't get back up.

Or was it? Sure, we all assumed he had met his end. What if Sigurd only fell into some weird coma or was simply pretending to be deceased so he could wait and get his revenge when the time was right? According to the International Business Times, some fans think exactly that.

18 Lagertha Will Meet Her End

Fans have been predicting this for multiple seasons by this point, and it is easy to see why. As popular as this character is, she's also one who just keeps seeming to run into more and more hardship (and heartbreak) as time goes on. She also didn't really do anything at the end of Season 5 besides watch Heahmund lose his life, watch Ubbe and Torvi succeed in starting a farming settlement, watch Alfred lose his mother, and start a new phase in his kingdom, and then show up in Kattegat just in time to watch Björn become Kattegat's new ruler. That said, nobody really wants to see Lagertha go, and the idea of the showrunners actually going through with it seems kind of crazy considering her popularity. Some fans have even vowed to stop watching the show if it happens.

17 Floki Is Really A God

Floki didn't make an appearance in the Season 5 finale, but we can only assume that he is still alive and well, albeit buried inside that Christian cave. To most, Floki is just the great Viking shipbuilder-turned-struggling settler in Iceland. He's also by far one of the most religious characters on the show. But is this because he also just so happens to be a god.

This is one crazy theory for sure, but it is nevertheless fun! Some fans believe that Floki is a god himself, specifically the god of mischief, Loki. The main reasons for this are that his circumstances for being able to help Ragnar sail West in the first place are a little too convenient, and he gets more distraught than anybody when Ragnar shows interest in Christianity.

16 Harbard Will Return

Who could ever forget this guy? Part of the beauty of this character is the mystery behind him, and it was never confirmed (and most likely never will be) whether or not he was a god or some other form of demigod or deity. There are tons of fan theories as to his real identity, and among them are the suggestions that he will return someday. In fact, one Reddit discussion between fans not only has assertions that Harbard will come back, but it also has multiple users going over in detail what they thing Harbard's true identity could be.

15 Aslaug Really Was A Witch

If anything, the show has always done an excellent job of neither denying nor confirming the presence of magic and other supernatural elements. Lagertha sure liked to accuse Aslaug of being a witch back before she took her life out of revenge, but what if she were actually right? There’s been some speculation from other fans, but one Tumblr user in particular posted a really fascinating fan theory last year that involved Aslaug actually have supernatural powers. As a real witch or sorceress in this scenario, Aslaug cast a spell on Lagertha that could not be fully complete until her own life was ended.

14 Hvitserk Is Secretly A Plotting Mastermind

Hvitserk has long been one of the most inactive main characters of the show. But perhaps there is there a reason for this? According to this one fan theory explored on Tumblr, Hvitserk is really the smartest brother of all the Ragnarssons. This entire time he’s just been playing his cards carefully, waiting for Ivar to take over Kattegat, then waiting for Ivar’s former allies to turn against him and then each other, eventually leaving nobody else standing in his way. Could Hvitserk somehow end up king in the upcoming Season 6?

13 Harald Will Take Out The Sons Of Ragnar

After all that battling in the season finale to wrestle Kattegat away from his brother, Ivar, it seems a bit silly to think that Björn Ironside won't have the throne for long. It also is hard to imagine anyone but one of the Ragnarssons now ruling, especially Harald. After all, the dispute over Kattegat's throne has been very much a family issue over the past season, and it feels past time to just let Harald's bid for it perish already. Nevertheless, this recap of the last episode included a prediction that Harald will return in Season 6 to attempt to take out Björn and claim the throne as his own. It doesn't seem likely that he'll be successful (we're not even certain he's alive at this point), but it's possible.

12 Hvitserk And Ivar Will Team Up Again

Great Odin's Raven! Why? Hasn't Hvitserk learned his lesson, and wasn't it he who once said that he was fated to take Ivar's life? This Reddit theory is included in a list of Season 6 predictions, and it's so out there that it's worth posting in its entirety:

"Hvitserk will nearly be burnt at the stake, but will be saved in the nick of time by Ivar. This will help put their relationship back together, hence why we see them together again before all is over"

Never mind the fact that they never had that great of a relationship, even when they were supposedly on their best terms. At this point, it feels like if the two of them were to reunite, it would only be because the Vikings showrunners ran out of ideas.

11 Rollo Is Ivar’s Real Father

Totally bonkers, right? Then again, it once seemed crazy that Rollo could be Bjorn’s real father instead of Ragnar, and now that’s a totally valid possibility. One Reddit user even went into great detail about how Rollo could also be Ivar’s real dad, based on their similar looks (dark hair vs. the light hair on both Ragnar and Aslaug) and Rollo sending his troops in to help Ivar despite the fact that he has never interacted much with him. Then there’s the fact that Aslaug and Rollo did spend time together in the countryside while Ragnar was gone. The timing then works out, with everyone just assuming that Ivar was conceived with Ragnar soon after. Hmm…

10 Floki Will Sacrifice Himself

Skarsgard Family Gustaf Floki

Regardless of whether or not he’s a god, Floki’s end has also been a recurring fan theory for many seasons now (now brought up again in discussions that have also proposed Lagertha's final days). It once seemed a lot crazier of an idea, but it’s been feeling increasingly real as time marches on in this show. Hey, the guy even offered himself up as a sacrifice for his Icelandic settlement, and some fans feel like he's going to try again and actually succeed. Nevertheless, it seems to showrunners are very hesitant to get rid of him. Now that he’s all on his own, although we do expect to see him again in Season 6, we don’t see how his story could progress much further.

That is, unless...

9 Floki Will Become The New Seer

Okay, so if Floki does not sacrifice himself or meet his end through some other way, this other truly insane theory could turn out to be more plausible. Though the prediction was initially discussed back in 2016, it never ended up seeming to go anywhere. But perhaps this journey to Iceland is just him (finally) awakening his powers as a Seer? Thanks to Ivar, the position is now open in Kattegat. Also, there was that time that the Seer himself licked Floki’s hand while for literally every other visitor it was the other way around. One at least hopes that he doesn't have to start looking like the old seer in order to have the position.

8 Bjorn Will End His Mother...

The Seer predicted long ago that Lagertha would meet her end at the hands of one of the sons of Ragnar. The Seer has never quite been wrong, so we assumed that it would be one of Aslaug’s sons (probably Ivar) to take her life eventually, rather than her own son, Bjorn. After all, Ubbe and Hvitserk were just as upset with what Lagertha did to their mother as Ivar was, and even though they ultimately let their own reason and levelheadedness rule their actions, some still believe it could be one of them to rise up and take out Lagertha. But one fan’s Twitter theory has it the other way around and proposes that Lagertha will have her life taken by Bjorn.

7 Bjorn Retires

Great Viking warriors are not meant to retire. This was established very early on in the series, and as we have seen time and time again, they instead meet their end in battle, going down with honor and pain that is meant to guarantee them a one-way ticket to the glory and splendor of Valhalla. So regardless of how we currently feel about Bjorn, it just seems silly to think that he’d actually retire one day instead of fighting until the end. Is it even possible for someone in his position to retire? Was that even a thing in those times? Nevertheless, this theory on Reddit has Bjorn doing exactly that, and the user who proposed it takes things a step further by suggesting that Rollo will leave him land in Normandy that he can one day use for this retirement.

6 Ubbe Goes To Iceland

At this point in the series, why would anyone go to Iceland? Even though Floki has since given up on mankind and made an interesting discovery deep in a cave, the Iceland storyline itself has long felt like a brick wall (seriously, are any of the settlers there going to be left standing by the last episode?). Nevertheless, this particular Reddit discussion has multiple users wondering if Ubbe himself will end up going to Iceland and possibly even become the new land’s leader. This theory only doesn’t seem crazy if things don’t end up working out so well with his settlement and royalty ties in England, and of course, he then decides that staying in Norway isn’t the right decision for whatever reason.

5 Ivar Will Fight Alfred And Will Lose

This is honestly just about as out there as fan theories for this show get! Not only are Alfred and Ivar on two different continents, but they also seem to have zero interest in fighting one another now or in the foreseeable future. They actually have not had any direct interaction since they met years earlier in their youth (anyone remember that awkward chess game?) Furthermore, Ivar is the way more experienced fighter, so why would he lose against Alfred of all people? Nevertheless, this is exactly what one fan on Tumblr has predicted will happen, particularly because Ivar has shown a lot of weakness lately (even before he lost Kattegat). It’s truly so crazy that it might be real.

4 Torvi Will Take The Lead

We like Torvi, but the truth is that she has always felt like a side character. It’s been nice to have her around, but if we're being honest, would the show be so much different if she weren’t around? Furthermore, she and Ubbe seem pretty content to stay and start farming their land in England for now, so where are the battles or the political action for Torvi to engage in? Still, some are predicting that she will not only become a full leading character but that she will actually replace Lagertha as the show’s lead shieldmaiden and most prominent female character in general. It’s a bit hard to imagine, but then again, we’ve seen Torvi slowly gaining more strength and wisdom over time.

3 Lagertha Will Go By Natural Causes

While we really don’t want to see our favorite shieldmaiden go, we’ve pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that it’s probably going to happen eventually. But what if it didn’t happen, or at least didn’t go at all how we were expecting (in battle or via an attack)? As we've already discussed with Björn, great Viking warriors are supposed to go out with glory. One Tumblr fan predicts that Lagertha will find a place to peacefully live out the rest of her life and then will eventually succumb to natural causes. It’s so tame that it feels wrong. Still, it’s always possible, right? We have mixed feelings about this one.

2 The Final Season Will Have A Major Time Jump

So much has happened in Season 5 that it's actually fairly difficult to guess which direction the show could go in the upcoming Season 6. The series has had plenty of pretty significant time jumps before, but including one in the last season seems pretty nonsensical. After all, we’ve come so far with the current characters, and unlike before, there are currently no children as main characters nor any other budding storylines that could flourish with a big jump forward in time.

That said, some are predicting that the final season of the show will depict yet another jump years ahead. Who says that the main characters need to be ones that we already really know anyway? And it could even show distant descendants of the Ragnarssons or entirely unrelated characters.

1 Kattegat Will Be Destroyed

It seems ludicrous to think that Kattegat would ever be destroyed in this series. Even the final battles of Season 5 did not result in its downfall. After all, this is a major town with a lot of people, and it has served as the setting for much of the show since its inception. No matter how many battles take place there or who is sitting on the throne at any given point, Kattegat itself remains.

But is there a possibility that this fan theory might become reality? In one Reddit conversation, one fan predicted that the entire town will one day be transformed into something else or destroyed entirely. The truth is that the town is entirely fictional, so any number of future scenarios for the Kattegat that we know are possible.

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