Vikings: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

Vikings is filled with characters who are strong, brave, and intelligent. But which characters are the smartest out of everyone?

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Vikings is definitely one of the best fantasy shows on the market along with Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom, and others. Unfortunately, the last season will air already this December and the show will end after a whole of six seasons.

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One of the things that make Vikings so great is the character variety. We see several generations have multiple adventures and root for certain heroes and heroines. Some of them are more admirable while others aren't, so here are All Vikings Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence.

19 Sigurd

Considering that Sigurd was killed by his own brother Ivar, you could say that he is not as smart as he might appear at first sight. Sigurd has always been kind and didn't want to fight which is why his priorities clashed with those of his brothers and most people around him.

18 Halfdan

Much like Sigurd, Halfdan was killed by his brother Harald. However, Halfdan is seen to be a complete opposite of Sigurd as he enjoyed killing his enemies and was always quite cruel in battle. Halfdan usually spoke up after his brother and seemed to be inferior to him when people compared the two.

17 Siggy

Despite being a controversial character, Siggy ultimately got her redemption when she died while saving Ragnar's brothers. Nevertheless, Siggy did have some interesting traits that helped her stand out.

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While being Rollo's lover, Siggy wanted to become Queen of Kattegat and plotted against whoever was ruling at the moment. She ultimately came to accept her role and helped to care for Ragnar's children. She definitely possessed extensive knowledge of various subjects and was quite smart too.

16 Aethelwulf

Athelwulf's faith and righteous nature might have been a little annoying, but they did make this character one of the most passionate on the show. Sometimes he seemed to show some kind of skill in battle, but he wasn't much of a tactician and would often follow the advice of those around him including Judith he masterfully manipulated Aethelwulf.

15 Harald

Similarly to Aethelwulf, Harald is a good leader in battle, but he doesn't usually know how to plan his further actions and relies on the people around him to guide him. Yet, Harald is superior to many others primarily thanks to the power he possesses. His ambition to rule over many lands is also a very strong motivator for him.

14 Torvi

Torvi is perhaps one of the most underrated characters, but she is actually very smart, beautiful, and skilled in battle. Moreover, she is a great mother which means she has knowledge of raising kids too. Torvi isn't ambitious, but if she was, she could achieve a lot just by acting on her thoughts.

13 Hvitserk

Hvitserk seems to be in the shadow of his brothers most of the time. No matter who he sides with, his actions and decisions are often overshadowed by his siblings' which seems to bother Hvitserk to an extent.

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Nevertheless, he is able to act independently and tries to find his place in the world along with doing the right thing. Hvitserk still has time to unleash his full potential.

12 Rollo

Rollo has often been shown as the strong, dumb character, but he later showed to be more than that. Rollo is mostly admired as an exceptional warrior and battle leader. However, he soon appears to be a good tactician too especially while protecting his new home, Paris, from his former people the Vikings.

11 Ubbe

Being very similar to his father Ragnar, Ubbe is quite smart and skilled in battle. He isn't the best tactician, but he is still extremely intelligent in this sense. Ubbe has made mistakes, but his greatest strength lies in his ability to empathize even with the worst of people.

10 Heahmund

Heahmund is an extremely complex character as he is both very religious and quite easy-going. He is very intelligent having received a good education. Heahmund has assisted several leaders in planning the battle and is very a good strategist along with being an outstanding warrior.

9 Judith

Judith starts out as a minor character but grows to become a prominent figure in the series. She is a smart, manipulative woman who used to be very quiet, unquestioning, and even docile.

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Judith learns of the cruelty of life the hard way, but that only makes her stronger. She gradually starts manipulating people around her in order to achieve her goals and that makes her dangerous for the well-being of those around her.

8 Athelstan

Athelstan's case is a complicated one. From one side, he was very educated and possessed linguistic skills, religious knowledge, etc. But from another side, he was innocent when dealing with others and would often fall into the traps the ambitious people around him set up.

7 Aslaug

Aslaug's first appearance is very telling of her whole nature. She is intelligent and very sly as well as ready to act on her ambitions. She usually achieves what she wants, but even her charms can't keep Ragnar by her side all the time. Aslaug ends up being bored by raising children and by her power and yearns to get even more of it.

6 Floki

Floki can be described as a very eccentric man who doesn't often conform to the norms society sets for him though he is still extremely religious and follows many traditions.

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Floki is often admired for his intelligence and sharp mind as well as his unique fighting style and extensive knowledge in shipbuilding that set him apart from everyone else.

5 Bjorn

Bjorn is definitely the one among his brothers to be the most like his father Ragnar. Not only do they look alike in terms of appearance, but they also share many traits including an inquisitive mind, curiosity about other cultures, strategic skills, and more. Besides, Bjorn is a good leader too.

4 Ivar

In the later seasons, Ivar seemed to become Ragnar's favorite son though that role definitely belonged to Bjorn before that. Ivar is also very similar to his father, but definitely much crueler and more ambitious. He is by far the best tactician on the show, but his impatience and instability often make his plans go wrong.

3 Lagertha

From the very first seasons, Lagertha is shown to be extremely intelligent, beautiful, skilled in battle, and many other great things that make her the best female character on the show.

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Despite making mistakes along the way, Lagertha usually gets what she wants without having to resort to solely manipulative actions that would put her in a bad light. She manages to be very successful while achieving greatness with good means.

2 Ecbert

The two most intelligent male characters on the show happened to be attracted to the most intelligent woman who is Lagertha. Ecbert is a very educated and good tactician too. He admires smart people which is why he manages to find a common language with Ragnar and then falls in love with Lagertha.

1 Ragnar

Even though Ecbert might be as smart as Ragnar, the former is still a better warrior and a more experienced strategist. Ragnar is undoubtedly the most intelligent character who manages to outwit many enemies before finally accepting his death at the hands of (you guessed it) one of his enemies.

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