Vikings: Children of Ragnar, Ranked

In Ragnar's own fated prophecy in Vikings, it's said one child will change the face of Europe. We put the Children of Ragnar to the test and compare.

While Ragnar always has been a powerful figure in history, mythology, and all of the above, what's possibly even more powerful are his children. And in the show Vikings, that's not wrong. Fans lost their beloved Ragnar Lothbrok in season 4, but his sons have carried on his torch to create even more riveting stories of battle and blood.

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However, of all of Ragnar's children, which ones are the best? After all, in his own destined prophecy it was just one son that changed the face of Europe. Well, it's time to put his sons (and daughter) to the test and compare.

Here are the Children of Ragnar, ranked.

9 Unborn Son

The heartbreaking tipping point of Lagertha and Ragnar's marriage was the loss of their unborn son. She became pregnant early in season 2, but by the time Ragnar came home, she'd lost the baby.

While Ragnar adored Lagertha, he was promised that his destiny and legacy included many sons. This loss was what made it easier for the selfish Ragnar to have relations with Princess Aslaug when he had the chance.

Doesn't make it right, but he did it. And, unfortunately, by default this makes this lost child his weakest.

8 Magnus

Fans can argue back and forth whether Magnus may or may not have been a son of Ragnar. After all, nothing was shown on screen, but also Ragnar wasn't always the most faithful husband and Magnus' mother, Kwenthrith, was known for sleeping around. It would not be surprising if the attractive queen and handsome viking knocked boots.

Whether he was a child of Ragnar, though, Magnus would still arguably be one of his worst. Magnus was a weak-willed man who followed his mother's lead. And then when she wasn't around, he just went around making claims, craving revenge, and switching sides left and right. Magnus' life ended unceremoniously in battle, and that was that.

7 Ivar

While Ivar is arguably one of Ragnar's most powerful children, he is not strong nor great. Ivar committed a lot of scheming and cruelties to accomplish all he did. Ivar may be an intelligent son, but he is not the kind to leave behind a great legacy. Many of his people hate him, even his own wife. They only follow him out of fear and power.

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Willing to abandon his own son to the forest, Ivar is an awful man who only inherited Ragnar's tenacity and mental fortitude. His physical strength and integrity were lost on Ivar, and Ragnar is to blame for it. When Ivar went into self-exile, fans and the people of Kattegat probably breathed a sigh of relief.

6 Sigurd

One of the most compassionate children of Ragnar, Sigurd was more likely to protect his family at home than to go on grand pillages with his father and brothers. He cared deeply for his family, his mother in particular, However, she favored his younger brother, Ivar, because of his reliance on her. That led Sigurd to be particularly distant and sometimes cruel to his younger brother, teasing him and egging him on.

Tragically, and ironically, despite his own disabilities Ivar was the one to end Sigurd's life. Sigurd spent his last breaths taunting Ivar for how unloved and broken he was. Sigurd's rivalry with Ivar was his greatest flaw and, ultimately, his downfall.

5 Gyda

Kathryn Winnick in Vikings Season 5 History

Much like Sigurd, Ragnar's only daughter, Gyda, was a compassionate young woman. Where Bjorn tormented Athelstan, Gyda was kind and grew close to him. They became friends and she helped Athelstan start warming up to the Viking people.

Losing sweet Gyda in the plague hurt Lagertha and Ragnar. That was when their once simple farm family hardened into a band of warriors connected by blood.

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Gyda brought out kindness in everyone around her in spite of the incomprehensible pain she suffered at the loss of her family.

4 Hvitserk

A great warrior, Hvitserk is a viking for the ages. However, outside of battle he's a lost man. He laughs loud and makes life-changing decisions, but he's always looking for something greater than himself and he's never sure he's found it. For most if his life, Hvitserk was practically attached to his older brother, Ubbe. However, as he grew older and more violent in battle, he found some more commonalities with his youngest brother, Ivar.

When Hvitserk betrayed Ubbe to join Ivar's rebellion, he wasn't quite sure himself if it was the right decision. Ultimately, though, he sees it as his place to end Ivar's cruel reign. After all, he's an amazing warrior, isn't he?

3 Ubbe

Of all of Ragnar and Aslaug's children, Ubbe is the most well-rounded, and, possibly, the most like Ragnar. He's willing to incorporate new cultures, he's impulsive and thoughtful to a fault, and he's an amazing warrior. However, he trusts a little too easily which lead to his brothers betraying him (really sounds familiar now, doesn't it?).

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While Ubbe isn't the most successful of Ragnar's sons, he is a generally good man and a reliable leader. Even though Ivar led a kingdom, and Hvitserk led armies, Ubbe has always known when to follow orders and when to make orders of his own. He's the most measured son of Ragnar and he deserves credit for that.

2 Alfred (Indirectly)

Ragnar did not raise Alfred nor conceive him, but he is the reason Alfred exists at all. Raiding Athelstan's temple, saving his life, and encouraging him to lead a different lifestyle all led to Athelstan's affair with Judith. Which, in turn, created Alfred.

And the only time Ragnar meets Alfred, he greets him like family would. After all, Athelstan can't do it for himself, so Ragnar might as well.

With his father's blood and the knowledge passed down from Ecbert, Alfred is a king and a great leader. He may not be a son of Ragnar, but on a list of his legacy, Alfred deserves mention.

1 Bjorn

While Ubbe is less impulsive, Bjorn is a younger Ragnar designed for a new age. Bjorn is curious and powerful just like his father. They both are fantastic warriors in combat. However, Bjorn respects women more than his father does, is more durable in battle, and antagonizes people less than Ragnar did.

Bjorn learned so much from Ragnar, but he took that and became a better person. He may be inexperienced and naive at times, but he takes counsel to heart and, while proud, isn't too proud to take advice. With his mother as one of his top advisers, Bjorn doesn't shirk good counsel, no matter who it's from.

There is still time for his sons to grow, but thus far, Bjorn is Ragnar's best son. Lagertha raised him well.

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