Saw VII Gets New Title [Updated]

Saw VII new title

Update: It appears the new title has been misinterpreted. Read on below for the details and the actual title of Saw VII.

Whether you're still a fan of the tired long-running Saw franchise or are begging for all the bloodshed to stop, another installment is on the way. Saw VII will once again feature Jigsaw (despite the villain having died four movies ago) as the apparent mastermind behind a set of elaborate games/traps that force players/victims to look at their lives and more often than not suffer torture-filled consequences for their actions.

What may grab your interest more than the last few Saw sequels is the fact that a certain doctor character is returning for the seventh film. Although, given the fractured nature of the franchise's narrative, he could just be appearing again in flashbacks. However I'm personally holding out hope that he plays a major part in the conclusion of the franchise as he did in the film that kicked it all off.

However, just when reassuring news comes along involving a familiar face returning - as well as the fact the sequel is being filmed with the cutting-edge SI-3D digital camera system (as opposed to being converted in post-production) - something else has to pop up to squash any newfound faith in the franchise: a horrible new title.

According to a press release for Comic-Con - and the title has since been confirmed by Lionsgate via Bloody-Disgusting - Saw VII is now entitled Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive. Yes, you read that right. That second part is NOT the tagline for the film, but is actually part of the its title. Let's just pause for a minute to consider how stupid of a title that is...


Of course, the studio could just trying a new title out and may very well change it before the film's release this Halloween. What I want to know is why not just keep it titled Saw VII? Every sequel of the series has been numbered with Roman numerals so far, so why change it now? Are they afraid people will realize it's the seventh film and not go see it? If people want to see more of this torture franchise they'll see it regardless if it's the seventh or 27th installment.

And here I was thinking that 5nal Destination had locked down the prize for worst title of the year...

Update: Evidently the new title has been misinterpreted as Saw VII producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules have told Shock Till You Drop. The title of the movie is simply Saw 3D, which is absolutely fine considering that it's a Saw movie... and it's in 3D. I just thank heavens "The Traps Come Alive" isn't actually part of the title but rather just a tagline, along the lines of previous Saw taglines such as "The Game Comes Full Circle," and "You won't believe how it ends." Here's what Koules had to say on the matter:

"[The Traps Come Alive is] a tagline that was added in and misinterpreted. Most of our movies have taglines. One of the things we talked about during the campaign - especially with shooting in the 3D process, the traps really do come alive and we wanted that clear in the campaign. But the title of the film is Saw 3D."

Are you glad the title of Saw VII doesn't contain "The Traps Come Alive?" Should it still be Saw VII or is Saw 3D fair enough?

Saw 3D goes head-to-head with Paranormal Activity 2 on October 22nd, 2010.

Source: Lionsgate, Bloody-Disgusting and Shock Till You Drop

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