Viggo Mortensen To NOT Quit Acting

Collider recently caught up with acclaimed actor Viggo Mortensen (A History of Violence) during the premiere of his upcoming film The Road at the Toronto International Film Festival, and took the exclusive opportunity to ask the Mortensen what was up with his declaration to step away from acting, which shocked Viggo-lovers across the Net earlier this past Spring.

To our shared semi-surprise (sarcasm alert), Mortensen pulled a Brett Favre-style about-face and shot down the rumore, stating that he'll be sticking around to mess with this whole being-an-actor thing for the time being.

Ok, so maybe he didn't say it quite like that - maybe it was more along the lines of "Eh, I'm good for now," but... Oh heck, just watch this exclusive video scoop from Collider:


Ah Viggo... as elusive and enigmatic as ever.

I could get snarky about actors / athletes / rappers (isn't Joaquin Phoenix all three in one?) who always pull the "I'm Through," card, only to never really step out of the limelight. But truth be told, I'm just glad we've still got Viggo Mortensen in the game, if only to retain a leading man who always seems to elevate the films he stars in.

I bet David Cronenberg (The Fly) is breathing a sigh of relief. On with Eastern Promises 2!

Are you happy that Viggo Mortensen will continue acting?

To catch him next, be on The Road come November 25, 2009.

Source: Collider

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