Transformers 2 Virals Show Robots Are Taking Over The World

The following is part of a viral marketing campaign by Paramount Studios:

In the past week, there's been a surge in sightings of mysterious robots in cities and famous landmarks around the world, including Tokyo, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Perth and even Machu Pichu. People from across the globe have been posting videos and photos of these sightings on a multitude of sites. Perhaps the most bizarre sighting so far was shot by fans at the Champion's League final in Rome:

Tokyo Robot Sightinghttpv://

Barcelona Robot Sighting

The Machu Pichu Sighting

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The most recent sightings have been in France and the UK. In France, two model-airplane-enthusiasts watched their airplane crash land, and transform into a robot.

In the UK, there was a similar incident involving a scooter turning into a robot-type creature.


These robot sightings have so far been tracked by two conspiracy blogs run by Robo-Warrier and Leo Ponce de Leon Spitz. To get a full understanding of the campaign narrative so far it's best to view the two conspiracy blogs yourself - Check them out at: and

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